Your Tuition Dollars are Paying for This

Gabriela Richard is bravely embarking on an exciting new field of research that is definitely not a massive waste of time and resources.

According to The Collegian “Richard conducts research on the intersection of race and gender in video games.” A look at her website reveals that she researches such pressing topics as “Online Gaming Experiences Across Gender, Ethnicity and Sexuality” and “Stereotype Threat and Learning in Interest-Driven Informal Activities and Game Culture.”

Now you might think that such cutting edge research must be backed by more than just university dollars, and you would be right. Gabriela Richard boasts of the funding she has received from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for her truly revolutionary subject matter. That means that not only is some of the ever increasing amounts of tuition going to pay for Miss Richard’s truly ground breaking work, but your and your parents hard earned tax dollars too!

The fundamental question Richard is trying to answer is why are females and people of color not proportionally represented in gaming design and culture. A reasonable question to ask certainly but the one that in the modern day likely to be clouded by progressive social justice politics. As usual Racism and Sexism are the only answers to this question that are even considered.

Vincent Cucchiara

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