Violent Leftwing Organization Marking Found Near Campus

On March 24th around 12:00 AM, there was a sticker found attached to a traffic light panel near the Atherton Street College Avenue junction promoting the violent left wing extremist group Antifa. This is an international group that claims to be anti-fascist, and has often used physical violence to promote the organization’s goals. One of their common slogans is “punch a Nazi,” which explains one of their primary modes of operation: intimidation.

One example is this antifa supporter who links in his tweet to a crudely made website that encourages violence against “Nazis.” The interesting thing about this violent rhetoric is that they do not have a valid definition of what a Nazi is. According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a Nazi is “a member of a German fascist party controlling Germany from 1933 to 1945 under Adolf Hitler.” Under this definition, according to their own logic and memes they would have harmed an innocent civilian who just has views that are different from them. The problem with Antifa, though, is that they seem to think that anyone who has right leaning views is a Nazi. During the Trump inauguration, they even assaulted a college student named James Allsup with a flagpole (warning blood), forcing him to seek medical attention. Apart from physical injuries, this group has also damaged large amount of property in various riots. During the Trump inauguration, Antifa as well as other Alt-Left groups initiated widespread rioting in Washington, DC.

Seeing this sticker here at Penn State is worrying, as this group may threaten the existence of conservative groups and students on campus. Civil discourse is a keystone to any civilized society, which is a concept that Antifa has proved time and time again that they cannot understand. It is ironic that Antifa uses these tactics, as it is the same sort of tactics used by Nazi groups. If you happen to find any additional materials from violent organizations like Antifa on or around PSU, please email us at thestatepatriot@gmail.com, or message our twitter account @thestatepatriot. Please include the location, time, and a picture of the image. Do not try to take them down yourself, as this may put you at risk. Report them to campus security or police if they are put somewhere where they are not allowed to be on campus if you so desire.

Drew P.

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