Violence Breaks Out Between Antifa and Police at UTR2 Despite Lack of Nazis

Yesterday, a year from the previous Unite the Right White Nationalist March in Charlottesville, VA, Jason Kessler organized an anniversary march, Unite the Right 2. This year, he held his march in Washington D.C., with 20-25 people in attendance, including a few people of color and women. They marched with police officers surrounding them to prevent violence between the groups.

In response, thousands of counter-protesters gathered not only in D.C. during the march on Sunday, but also in Charlottesville (where there were zero White Nationalists) on both Saturday and Sunday.

Chants and signs encouraging the initiation of violence against “Nazis” were common. Additionally many counter-protesters expressed hatred for the police officers present, with some even assaulting the officers, reporters, and other civilians. There was attempted violence against Kessler, and in both cities on both days, arrests were made.

More photos and videos can be found by following #UniteTheRight2, #Charlottesville, and #ShutItDownDC.

Very fine people indeed.

Vincent Cucchiara

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  1. I really wanted to go but I understand the situation we are in right now. Despite Kessler having good intentions, as stated by the recent Alt-Hype video, these tactics for the Alt Right simply do not work at present and I don’t want to see our guys’ websites and other venues of spreading info getting taken down. Great article, Antifa are all cracked out on their own gaslighting and they literally live for our existence, it gives their lives purpose. We provide a sense of thrill in their lives that they sadly cannot get for themselves through real, healthy communities and relationships, despite that being just fine for the entirety of civilization for thousands of years.

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