US Steel Re-Opens Plant After Trump Announces Tariffs

Remember all those jobs that the globalists said were never coming back?

US Steel Announced on Wednesday, March 7th that it will be Re-Opening its Granite City, IL facility, which was closed in 2015 due to changes in the market. The company is preliminarily recalling 500 of the 2000 former employees and says that, next month, it will be restarting one of the two blast furnaces required for steel production. The company made the decision a day after the Trump administration announced that it intends to place a 25% tariff on steel imported to the US.

“Our Granite City Works facility and employees, as well as the surrounding community, have suffered too long from the unending waves of unfairly traded steel products that have flooded U.S. markets,” U.S. Steel President and Chief Executive Officer David B. Burritt said in a news release.

This move is momentous for many of the people in the area, many of whom feel that it signals a change for the better. The jobs available are known to be some of the highest wage jobs in the area and offer the opportunity for residents to once again build and support families as well as other businesses in the community. “We’re ecstatic,” said Tina Besserman, a real estate agent and lifelong resident of Granite City.

These types of tariffs were a key part of the Presidents campaign platform and, judging by the actions of US Steel, following through on them will be a major victory for his administration.


Vincent Cucchiara

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