Unilever Threatens to Pull Billions in Business From FB and Google

Looks like Google and Facebook just can not get a break.

During and after the election of Donald J Trump, Facebook and Google both came under heavy criticism for demonstrating a massive liberal leftist bias. Several large conservative media personalities including Dennis Prager and Steven Crowder have accused Facebook and Google of manipulating advertising as well as age restriction policy in order to suppress non-Leftist perspectives.

As our readers should know by now, the perpetual push for “tolerance” will never be satisfied. The British company Unilever has threatened to pull billions worth of it’s ads from both social media giants unless they do more to combat racism, sexism, and extremism on their platforms.

Keith Weed, speaking on behalf of the company’s marketing department, also mentioned that the platforms have been complicit in “undermining democracies” which presumably refers to the few thousand dollars spent on political advertisements by individuals in Russia.

Demands on social media companies to censor any and all opinions contrary to establishment leftism can only result in either mass censorship of anything reported as offensive, or the total collapse of these companies, because the sheer volume of things people are offended by are beyond any reasonable capacity to sift through by human censors.

It’s truly astonishing how much social and economic capital liberals are willing to burn pursuing things they’ll never get.


Vincent Cucchiara

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