Trump Threatens to Attack Syria… Again

It’s that time of year again: Spring is in the air, the flowers will start blooming any day now, and Trump is threatening to destabilize the Middle East again.

President Trump announced that he will not be traveling to South America as planned, but will remain in Washington to “oversee the American response to Syria.”

White House switchboards have been flooded for the last 2 days in response to the President’s threats of military escalation in Syria.

Just one week after Trump announces that he will be pulling troops from Syria, Bashar Al Assad was accused once again of gassing his own people on Saturday, April 7th, after which Israel took the initiative to bomb the suspected airbase.

Let us not forget that Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, admitted in February of this year that, after a full investigation, there was no evidence that the Syrian Government had ever used poison gas on their people.

Furthermore, Russian officials warned of a false flag attack by insurgent groups just hours before the attack, for which Assad is being blamed, took place.

At Fox News, Tucker Carlson points out that even if these accusations could be believed, they do not justify US intervention.

As has been pointed out by many, the events surrounding the escalation in rhetoric and the military advances made in Syria are very similar to those which led up to the military conflicts in Iraq and Libya. The fallout from our intervention in those regions was catastrophic. Thousands died and the countries are markedly less stable and significantly less free.




Vincent Cucchiara

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