Trump Signs Omnibus Spending Bill

Donald Trump signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill on Friday, March 23rd, and vowed he would never sign anything similar again.

The 2,300 page bill, passed by the house on Thurday and the senate earlier on Friday, includes provisions for things that most legislators and executives don’t even know about. How could they? Have you ever tried to read 2,300 pages of legal documentation in 24 hours?

Here is a short list of what the bill contains, or at least what we have found out so far.

About the only laudable thing in the entire bill is the funding going to fight the Opioid epidemic, but, given the government’s track record in similar circumstances, this funding will most likely be ineffective at treating the source of the problem.

Trump threatened to veto the bill just hours before signing it saying he had “no choice.” As mentioned, President Trump vowed never to sign a similar bill again, which begs the question, why sign this one?

Why didn’t he veto the bill?

Some suggest that this is meant to garner enough political good will to get the Republicans through the midterms. If that was truly the intent, it was a miscalculated move. This bill represents all of the worst things about the Washington establishment. Billions of dollars sent to unpopular causes and expansions of unpopular programs all crammed into the massive, unreadable, Omnibus Spending Bill passed without time for the public to react.

If Trump thought this would win him favor, he was wrong. As far as I can tell, Chuck Schumer is the only person who was happy with it. Anything that makes Schumer happy is invariably horrible for the American people.

Vincent Cucchiara

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