Trump Sends National Guard to US Border in Response to Caravan

Trump signed a proclamation on Wednesday night to send the National Guard to the US-Mexico Border. The president announced later the next day that he intends to have 2,000 to 4,000 national guard members sent to defend the US border.

The recent activity on the part of the president, in defense of the border, appears to be a response to the outrage over the Caravan of would-be illegal migrants from Central America, which drew a significant amount of attention on social media.

The Caravan, which was reported to have been broken up by Mexican authorities (for whatever that is worth), consisted over 2000 South and Central American migrants with the stated goal of crossing the US border illegally in the name of Social Justice issues. The issues include  The group called itself “Pueblos Sin Fronteras” or “People without Borders.”

The reports of this blatant example of, not only defiance of US immigration law, but active subversion of traditional American values sparked outrage on social media. The vocal outcry quickly triggered a strong response by the president in both rhetoric and action.

The president invoked the North American Free Trade Agreement, upon which the Mexican government depends for its economic well-being, in order to encourage cooperation from the Mexican government.

Deportations, in Mexico, are reported to have begun taking place but the increase in rhetoric and action by government officials will need to be sustained in order to achieve a lasting positive effect.

Vincent Cucchiara

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