The Untold Story of “Family Separation”

America is in crisis. Families are being separated and destroyed on a daily basis in this country, and we do little to prevent it. Thousands of Americans become addicted to the drugs pouring over our southern border and die every year from opioid overdoses, permanently separating them from their families. Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw, Edwin Jackson, Deputy Danny Oliver, Detective Michael Davis Jr., Border Patrol Agent Brain Terry, and countless others have been brutally murdered by foreign invaders on our soil, permanently separated from their families.

But these stories of family separation don’t concern the Left. Instead, foreign children being separated from accompanying adults apprehended while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border has gotten a lot of attention in the media. They have decried this as an inhumane practice of separating innocent families. This could not be further from the truth, and it pales in comparison with the actual, permanent separation of American families under our protection, which has resulted from the inadequate defense of our border.

As a nation, we have the right and duty to defend our sovereignty, and violators of this sovereignty will be met with the appropriate consequences. By crossing the border illegally, these invaders have subjected themselves to these consequences, and as they await a graciously appointed trial, they will, rightly, be detained in appropriate facilities. These people are not innocent victims – the only innocent victims are those whose family members are murdered by these invaders and destroyed by the drugs they bring into our country. It is any government’s duty to protect its own citizens. Where is the outcry for them?

In a recent Daily Collegian article, various Penn State collegiate and community groups were asked to comment on this sudden hysteria about border enforcement. Apparently the realization that America is not an open-borders free for all, open to anyone who manages to plant a single toe in our soil and make a fraudulent asylum claim, caused some consternation. TSP‘s own Editor in Chief Vincent Cucchiara, in his role as communications director for the Bull Moose Party at Penn State, provided the following statement in full:

The Bull Moose Party at Penn State fully supports all measures to secure the southern border and defend the safety and posterity of US citizens. The sovereignty of this nation is dependent on its ability to enforce it’s laws and defend its borders. Our concern is first and foremost the defense of US sovereignty and the security of our citizens, all other concerns are secondary.


In regards to the policy of separating families, it is unfortunate that the media is dishonestly using emotional appeals, but once again it is the job of immigration authorities to secure our border. In our view the best option is to secure and erect a wall on the southern border so as to prevent the illegal crossing of families in the first place.


Once again, the Bull Moose Party reaffirms it’s support for the absolute national sovereignty of the United States as well as supports all measures which produce a safer and more prosperous future for rightful American citizens.

Beyond the families permanently separated due to murder at the hands of foreign invaders, American families are suffering from these invaders in other ways. Drug cartels, human traffickers, and MS-13 gang members are just the most obvious burden our nation endures. A recent study by the Center for Immigration Studies found that more than half of all immigrants are on welfare, and that is just the legal ones.

The only question regarding immigration, legal or illegal, that should concern us is, “does this help Americans?” When looking at the impact of social and cultural change, the demographic shifts that threaten the American identity, the loss of blue-collar jobs for American workers, the amount of drugs flowing over the border and killing Americans, the presence of violent MS-13 gang members, the permanent separation of American children from their families who are killed by these invaders… The answer is a stern, unequivocal “No.”

Sarah Nahrgang

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