The State College Borough Council is Not Racist

In a stunning display of not being racist, the State College Borough Council announced that it would be officially designating January 16th as “National Day of Racial Healing,” according to a recent article from the Collegian.

Why does State College Borough need a “National Day of Racial Healing?” State College Mayor, Donald Hahn, explained that this new addition to the State College public calendar would “combat racism and push State College toward a more well-rounded and inclusive environment.”

Exactly how this day is supposed to accomplish anything, other than a massive virtue signal to fellow progressives, is unclear. Does anyone really expect the vocal and sometimes violent BLM presence here on campus to be satisfied with a single day of “Racial Healing?” Is a day of “Racial Healing” going to satisfy all of the potential Asian and White students whose SAT scores are considered less valuable compared to potential Black and Hispanic students, because of their race?

The designation is part of nationwide, virtue-signal fest orchestrated by the Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation organization which has already found 550 other leaders around the US to make similar designations in their own districts and municipalities.

The State Patriot opposes this and all other duplicitous efforts to win social plaudits from people who learn their morality from network television.


Vincent Cucchiara

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