The Saga of Tommy Robinson

Following Tommy Robinson’s sentencing to 13 months in Hull Prison among rapists, murderers, and  child sex-traffickers of dubious extraction, right-wing internet circles exploded into support for Tommy, anger at the absurdity of the Crown Court’s ruling, and incredulity at the absolute state of modern-day Britain. The British government has routinely supported the “human rights” of Jihadists, rapists, and murderers against all appeals to common sense and legal precedent, and with this ruling has decreed that questioning child sex traffickers – who just happen to be Muslims – on their moral standards is an offense against the natural dignity of child sex traffickers everywhere.

Robinson is the co-founder and leader until 2013 of the right-wing English Defence League, a group similar to many “respectable” right-wing groups in the United States and larger Western world. Support for Israel, opposition to political Islam and immigration, and acknowledgment of conservative values – in other words, the same issues which characterize the broad swathe of self-described conservatives – are the main pillars of the League. In Britain, a country ruled by the most obnoxious and foul iterations of political correctness, these relatively milquetoast positions are apparently enough to make one an enemy of the state.

His current plight results from making the cardinal sin of reporting on an ongoing child rape case – oh, sorry, that’s a “grooming” trial in British legalese, as if violent rape, drugging, and kidnapping of children is no more remarkable than a fancy dog show. Displaying anger towards packs of invasive pedophiles who exist in your country for the sole purpose of robbing you blind and preying on your children is illegal in England. Oi bruv, you got a loisence for that opinion?

The British government went so far as to issue a reporting ban for Britain’s media outlets, not just for the ongoing trial of the foreign rape gang, but also for Robinson’s arrest, first for suspicion of “causing a breach of peace”, later amended to a contempt of court charge for allegedly prejudicing the outcome of a trial.

One wonders, if reporting on a trial can prejudice the outcome, how could any reporting be allowed? The answer, of course is that in Britain your rights are contingent on repeating the multiculturalist mantra: that every western nation needs infinite immigrants from every third-world country on the planet.

Robinson isn’t going to jail over an abstract belief in freedom of speech. He’s not protesting print censorship or a new law passed by the British Parliament. He’s being imprisoned for protesting Islamic rape gangs. The concrete, unavoidable conclusion is that opposition to the Islamization of large swathes of Europe is now an illegal thought. Britain’s third-worldist occupation government crows about the human rights of rapists while imprisoning citizen reporters who dare to break the self-imposed media blackout on anything related to Britain’s foreign invaders.

Are you even allowed to hate Islamist murderers in Britain anymore? Can the state arrest you for angry-reacting to an ISIS execution video on Facebook, or for posting it, because it might prejudice people against the human rights of terrorists? It seems the answer is yes, and so far they have not hesitated to do exactly that.

Some right-wing groups in Britain have been outlawed at the state level – their very existence declared illegal – for allegedly promoting violence, or even on charges as petty as “incitement to racial hatred”, something which has come to encompass any criticism of non-white, non-British people for any reason at all. Meanwhile, radical imams continue to preach, Islamic terror attacks accelerate both in Britain and on the Continent, and less dramatic but far more barbarous crimes such as sex trafficking, gang rape, acid attacks, etc. are swept under the rug whenever possible.

Robinson has paid the price for striking at the power structure of modern Britain where it hurts. He is being targeted by the state the specific reason that he objects to the state policy of multiculturalism and infinite third-world immigration. The massive overreaction – or, perhaps, calculated display of overwhelming force – issued in retaliation to his activism is sending a message.

This is, on its face, a warning not to interfere in the state’s handling of the fallout from its own multicultural policies. They do not want the public to know what is going on behind the curtains, because they fear public anger. The feckless and cynical public officials who are responsible for what has happened in communities like Rotherham (and far too many others) do not want the results to see the light of day. Evidently, they are willing to go to nearly any lengths to silence those who would expose them for the sniveling cowards and traitors they are.

Anthony Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a Penn State student who uses a pseudonym so as to be able to publish the truth without being subjected to harassment from antifa, liberals, cuckservatives, and other ne'er-do-wells. He can usually be found reading esoteric philosophy or telling journalists to learn to code. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army general from Pennsylvania renowned for his military success and fiery personality.

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