The Media Loses It Over “S***hole Countries”

President Donald J. Trump has, once again, made international headlines by saying something well known to every single person not living under a rock.

According to the New York Times piece on the subject, Trump, during a meeting to discuss immigration, made several statements questioning the need for immigration protections for foreign nationals several impoverished nations. The most notable of which, from the apparently quite exasperated President, was questioning why we need “all these people from shithole countries,” adding that it would be more desirable to increase immigration from places like Norway.

The language is crass, but is he wrong? The countries to which Trump was referring, such as Haiti and Ghana, are impoverished nations whose people and governments have failed to establish the most basic requirements of human civilization. What part of that ought to be desirable to the American public?

These people are from some of the worst educated, lowest income places on the planet. Why do we want them here? How is America benefiting from absorbing third world populations? The kinds of questions asked by DJT regarding immigration to this country, are foreign to the modern political discourse to say the least. We as a nation have forgotten what it looks like to advocate for ourselves, or, more accurately, we have been told that advocating on our own behalf is somehow immoral.

Perhaps the President could have used a different word, but the outrage over these comments is not centered around his choice of verbiage. The hostile elites of this country are not afraid of trade embargoes on Haitian coffee, they are afraid of the American people taking their own side.


Vincent Cucchiara

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