The Latest Round of Gun Control Hysteria

Last Wednesday, thousands of protesters decided to play hookie in solidarity with survivors of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. People all over the country are standing on the still fresh bodies of innocents, so that they might better chastise Donald Trump and the NRA for their lack of conscience.

There was some concern that David Hogg, an especially outspoken survivor of the incident, was a paid actor. It seems that he was not, but the general concern is entirely valid. Perhaps even worse than being paid, Hogg is voluntarily treading on the corpses of his murdered classmates for a political purpose.

The argument against gun control has been made. Advocates against the Second Amendment have no interest in developing a dialogue about or considering the value of enshrined civil liberties. What productive discussion can be had with people on the left who time and time again turn to statistical manipulation and shamelessly sensationalized talking points? It might not seem this way to people who pride themselves in their own willingness to debate the same tired old nonsense every time the rhetoric ramps back up, but there’s good reason why supporters of the Second Amendment simply double down.

How are we to believe that the same people who advocate against the protections from violent criminals and foreign subversives flooding across the southern border, really care about keeping our children safe? Are we expected to trust the people who stay silent at the nearly 50,000 Americans who die every year from opioids when they say they care about their dead fellow countrymen? For that matter, do you put your trust in a police force which shifts the blame onto legislators, when their own cowardice in responding to the situation proved that personal arms are the first line of defense?

America is a country which was founded and existed on a basic communal trust of one’s fellows. We know that it’s a virtue to be able to think the best of people and to forgive minor infractions by those we’re close to. The problem is that when it comes to the Machiavellian motives of power cliques and their followers in our country, assuming genuine intentions isn’t good policy. They are happy to use your emotions against you with no thought for the consequences – don’t let them.


Vincent Cucchiara

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