The Deep State Strikes Back

From the exoneration of Hillary Clinton to the messages revelations of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the FBI leadership has been a political wing of the Democrat Party and the Clinton’s. The faceless bureaucrats and establishment cronies abused their power to keep Hillary in the race, hatch a plan to stop President Trump, and entrap and handcuff his administration. In an ironic twist, their pro-Clinton investigation of the Clinton email server secured a Trump victory. After the election of Donald Trump, these same American heroes began investigating Flynn and the incoming administration.

The above mentioned FBI Special Agent, Peter Strzok, is a central figure in this mess. He was the lead investigator of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Remember that little matter involving an unsecured server and multiple devices used by the former Secretary of State. He then changed the exonerating Comey draft from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”. Grossly negligent defines criminality when mishandling classified information. Criminal charges would force a new candidate for the Democrat Party or ensure a tremendous loss. The FBI leadership could not allow such an event. Agent Strzok not just softened the criminality of Secretary Clinton, he also softened the tone in regards to hostile actors accessing the Clinton server. Strzok convinced former FBI director James Comey that it was only “possible” the Clinton server was hacked by hostile foreign actors. Mr. Comey’s original language stated, ” it was ‘reasonably likely’ the server was hacked.”

Peter Strzok’s grimy mitts are not just smudging the integrity of the Clinton investigation, but also touched (and maligned) the Trump Transition. Strzok questioned former National Security advisor Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and determined he was criminally liable for lying to the FBI. This is not shocking as any establishment swamp creature would prefer General H. R. McMaster to the ‘America First’ Mike Flynn. And all of this, from the Clinton investigation to the take down of Lt. Gen. Flynn to the Mueller witchhunt, is part of the swamp’s “Insurance Plan” against a Donald Trump Presidency.

What do you do in case that you die at a young age and leave behind a family? Well, you buy an insurance plan to protect them from that unlikely scenario. What do you do if you fear anti-establishment president and you are an unelected public servant with a complex? You dress up an opposition research dossier and use it to begin spying on the Trump Team. You use the dossier and one off-handed joke by then-candidate Trump about Russia having the lost Clinton emails as evidence for collusion. With your insurance policy finally notarized by the honorable Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, you begin to act on it. 15 agents, half of them who have donated to the Clinton’s and Democrat party at large, are not doing everything they can to take down President Trump. They are working their hardest to undo a legitimately elected President and take the power away from the citizens. That is not what democracy looks like. (Yes, I understand we live in a republic.)

So as we enter this new year, we must brace for another year of Mueller and company trying to unwind the 2016 election. They will inspect everyone, take down as many as possible. They will find a “t” that wasn’t crossed or an “i” that wasn’t dotted if that’s what it takes. But fear not, the Mueller scam will begin to unravel just as the Trump collusion and fake sexual harassment claims did too. By the end of 2018, Mueller will have no credibility and America will be one step closer to being great again.

Bill T.

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