Former Governor Doesn’t Debate Former White House Easter Bunny

Former Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, hosted by the College Democrats, joined former Press Secretary and former WH Easter Bunny Sean Spicer, hosted by the College Republicans, for the annual Great Debate to discuss Media and its influence on politics.… Continue Reading


Penn State’s Left-Wing Vents Its Frustration at Being Openly Challenged

In a march which took place Monday, April 9th, Penn State’s gaggle of leftist radicals took up the good fight yet again. As we at The State Patriot detailed some days ago, the march took place under the banner of… Continue Reading


Left-Wing Politics of Hate on Display: Outrageous Statements from PSU Charlottesville Panel

Penn State’s university-sanctioned panel discussion on September 5th, titled “Charlottesville: What Happened? What Now?” put left-wing hysteria front-and-center for any who cared to attend. While the turnout consisted of an entirely unsurprising coalition of minority students and self-flagellating whites, the… Continue Reading