Students Express Outrage at the Possibility of Enforcing Immigration Law

by Vincent Cucchiara

On Friday, 8 September, the Planned Parenthood Generation Action at PSU club organized to defend the rights of people who, presumably, have a right to live in this country only now that they're outside a womb. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday that the federal government would be discontinuing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA, an executive order designed to provide an exemption from deportation enforcement for children whose parents did not have the competency or the desire to establish a legal residency before having children in this country.

Having realized that publicly funded murder and dismemberment was not going over well with many people, these human rights activists took to the street to hold up signs, block foot traffic and scream about how hateful Donald Trump is, endeavoring to boost their PR by acting like your standard liberal campus lunatics. Approximately 80 people made their way from Old Main down to the Allen Street gates with signs reading “Defend DACA”, “Don't CACA on DACA”, and “Dreamers Make America Great”.

Along with the signs were many chants some in Spanish, as if to reinforce the point that Spanish-speaking immigrants have largely refused to adapt to American custom and have formed a political bloc aimed at advancing their own group interests.

Some chanted, “Show me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like”, which demonstrate a surprising ignorance of the fact that illegal immigration is incredibly unpopular among the voting population. Additionally, DACA was not passed in any semblance of democratic process but by Executive Order, and is not a law but a refusal to enforce one. Illegal aliens are not citizens, cannot vote, and are therefore by definition not part of our democracy. Too, democracy looking like a rabble of obnoxious, poorly-kempt radical left students may yet result in a local resurgence of monarchism.

Other chants, such as the standby “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA” also demonstrated the modern left-wing activist's lack of understanding of history. Fascists, ironically, have a history of disrespect for others' national borders. Democratic France, in fact, built a tremendous wall on their Eastern border to stop them from crossing, for all the good it did against the German army. The Germans even paid for it to be built. Trump should take notes, in case Mexico starts building tanks instead of cheaper air conditioners.

Regardless of their misunderstanding of history, the speakers at this event did seem to understand that these people are not exactly assimilating into American culture very well. Nick Pressley of the ACLU stressed several points about the legal rights of those who have broken the law, stating that illegal immigrants “have the right to a translator”, demonstrating the popular understanding that many of these “Dreamers” don't even bother to learn English before they come to leech off of the public services paid for by hard working Americans. Neither do many feel any obligation towards the country they have come to, prioritizing the benefit they can draw from it and the degree to which it can accommodate them.

Of course, it goes without saying that these people have the right to free speech and free assembly, but one wonders whether they are actually accomplishing their desired effect. To the average passers-by, who see people chanting in a foreign language and demanding concessions for illegal aliens at the expense of Americans, this group of feverishly impassioned individuals most likely strikes them as representative of the growing resentment that the far left has for the just and prudent tradition of law and civil discourse in this country.

Vincent Cucchiara

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