Student Runs Bangs on Doors in Residence Hall Screaming N-word

This past weekend, police were called to Shunk Residence hall in Pollock to respond to a reported incident of racial harassment.

A source familiar with the matter revealed that the incident consisted of an intoxicated resident running up and down the hall, banging on doors and screaming the infamous N-word. A resident of color who felt targeted by the incident reported it, and the police were called. There is no word as of yet whether legal charges will be brought, or, for that matter, what laws were broken.

The incident hearkens back to a story from Spring 2018 regarding a Snapchat video, which caused an uproar and eventually warranted a press release from the university. The Snapchat video contained an individual singing along with a hip-hop song in which the N-word was audible.

The prevalence of these incidents is becoming alarming to university administrators, who are doing almost everything in their power to demonstrate to the broader student body that the N-word is as taboo as can be.

The University has yet to make a statement about this most recent incident. More updates will likely follow.

Vincent Cucchiara

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