State College Women Disrupt Traffic in the Name Of Tolerance

Approximately 300 women of all shapes and sizes gathered at the Allen street gates on Saturday, January 20th, with signs demonstrating their disapproval that, among other things, Donald Trump is the president of these United States. The occasion of this and many other such inconveniences is the one year commemoration of President Trump’s inauguration and the subsequent “Women’s March” on the nation’s capital.

Followed by a few obedient beta males and token minorities, the p***y hat adorned activists took the opportunity to impede College and Beaver Avenue as well as a few blocks of Allen Street on their “Central PA Women March.”

When asked why she attended, Carolyn O’Connell, an attendee carrying a sign that read “We will not go back to the 1950’s,” answered “To fight for women’s rights that are long overdue.” Another attendee explained that “this is how democracy works. If there’s something that you feel strongly for, you get out and talk to people about and do something about it and listen and show up.”

At about 10:30 AM, the body of demonstrators, largely composed of apparently childless and unmarried middle-aged women, made the one and half block trek to the township building where, once inside, there were several speakers. Among those distinguished community members was the current State College mayor, Don Hahn, and former mayor Elizabeth Goreham, Christine O’Donavan-Zavada of Planned Parenthood, Ann Ard of the Center County Women’s Resource Center and several more for nearly two long hours of leftist pontification.

The topics addressed by the speakers covered a wide range of subject matter, from police violence to trans rights to illegal immigration. They spoke about child services as well as environmental concerns. The phrase “Women’s rights are human rights” was repeated by more than one of the speakers, but no one elaborated on exactly what that means.

None of the content of the speeches mentioned political developments which affect exclusively or even disproportionately females. The only instance of women addressed directly was when they were being encouraged to run for public office. For example, mayor Hahn expressed the desire to see  a”Female majority” of judges in Pennsylvania.

The combination of topics addressed at the “Women March” may seem incongruous to some. The tacit admission seems to be that women are more inclined to vote, and/or make policy, to address these issues, which is of course wildly insulting to all of the nationalistic, patriotic women in this country.

However, the Democratic party and their many pet subsidiaries, Planned Parenthood and the like, have for the past several decades quite effectively attracted and even actively pushed to increase the demographic of what some would call “cat ladies.”

These are women who for one reason or another have found themselves in a midlife crisis with no family, no community, and nothing to come home to other than perhaps a faithful pet. The personal feeling of insufficiency which results from these circumstances is exploited by leftists the world over. Events like the “Women’s March” give them the sense of family they are missing, but only at the cost of devastating government and social policy.




Vincent Cucchiara


  1. I’m literally cringing from secondhand embarrassment for the author here

    • I’m sorry to hear that, reply with your home address and we can mail you some extra kitty litter to make up for your discomfort.

  2. Sounds like the girls were mean to somebody back in junior high… now Vincent gets his revenge on a blog that no one reads unless they’re looking for a laugh…
    poor lil scared white guy… ya almost feel bad for him

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