South Africa’s War on Whites

Some alternative media outlets – but few mainstream commentators – expressed shock and indignation recently concerning the new South African administration’s announced plan to begin wholesale appropriation of land owned by white South Africans. This is unsurprising to anyone with a cursory knowledge of race relations in post-apartheid South Africa or in the postcolonial African world more generally, but evidently there were some who still labored under the delusion that treatment of whites in minority-white countries is anything close to equitable.

South Africa, which careened rapidly towards shithole status under the last few decades of ANC rule, used to be a functional, prosperous first-world country. the ANC has mirrored its cousins across Africa’s post-colonial landscape in being defined by wholesale corruption, inefficiency, and graft. As the recent news of Cape Town’s imminent water crisis has shown, the majority government cannot keep up even the most basic and essential components of a modern state.

The most horrendous of South Africa’s failures is the black government’s blatant anti-white hatred, as it refuses to help the British and Boer population of the country who became easy targets after their loss of political power. Attacks on whites are a routine part of life in South Africa, and those who can afford it live in gated communities defended by armed mercenaries to protect themselves from theft, rape, and murder. Those living on rural farms have not fared so well and are often assaulted by armed gangs equipped with military-grade tech, such as signal jammers which block phone and radio transmissions which might be used to call for help: further evidence of the ANC government’s complicity in the attacks.

This is not even to mention the absolute savagery of such attacks. Tortures the likes of which we associate with Ghenghis Khan, the Vietcong, ISIS, or the Bolshevik Revolution pale in comparison to what happens routinely in South Africa to white farmers. Gang rape is standard practice and victims are usually shot execution-style after the perpetrators have satisfied their craving for violence. Young children and especially girls are far from immune to this type of depravity. Some of the more gruesome details will not be mentioned here as they are readily available to anyone with the agency to make a simple Google search.

This has all led to the coining of the phrase “farm attacks” in the western vocabulary. The ANC has in the past defended the singing of the song “Kill the farmer, kill the Boer”, and ANC officials have not been shy to join in. It’s abundantly clear that this pattern is one of black gang attacks on white farmers, and the South African government only continues to incite racial hatred against these white landowners by its current actions.

Anyone currently in doubt about the racial double standard applied in the western “human rights” paradigm need look no further than the international community’s total negligence of the plight of white South Africans, who by any metric are subjected to far more constant terror and political repression than the Eritreans or Moroccans who get free passage and fast-tracked refugee or visa status from Western European governments.

If the South African government wants the whites gone from South Africa, we ought to take them, as the former Soviet Republic of Georgia has done following the collapse of the USSR. These people share our Christian European culture and beliefs and would be overjoyed to be relocated to a country where they can freely pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

Moreover, if the shortage of farm labor sans Mexican illegal immigrants proves as damaging as the Agricultural lobby claims, they should be looking for people with a strong agricultural tradition to make up the shortfall. There is seemingly no reason not to pursue this course of action for a people who are genuinely victimized and able to contribute productively to their sponsors, and yet they receive nothing, not even a pretense of concern, from the Western globalist establishment.

Perhaps the only silver lining is that this latest round of aggressive rhetoric from the ANC has provided an opportunity to those who share a genuine concern for the white residents of South Africa. The growing assertiveness of right-wing populist movements in Europe and North America has empowered those attempting to voice the Afrikaners’ concerns and provided alternative platforms and audiences. Any who wish to fully understand the plight of these people need only turn to Lauren Southern’s ongoing Farmlands documentary project or to any number of other resources documenting the crisis.

The European settlers of South Africa gave up their political power under massive international sanction. Now, the only way they will survive the hatred and violence of the ANC’s official policy of anti-white repression is by decisive action on the part of a national actor like the United States, the European Union, or Russia, all of which have cultural-religious affinity with white South Africans and either historic ties to or reason to accommodate them. The cowards in Washington who hypocritically preach human rights and charity have no intention of helping. The time to bring pressure on them is now.


Anthony Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a Penn State student who uses a pseudonym so as to be able to publish the truth without being subjected to harassment from antifa, liberals, cuckservatives, and other ne'er-do-wells. He can usually be found reading esoteric philosophy or telling journalists to learn to code. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army general from Pennsylvania renowned for his military success and fiery personality.


  1. I bet the author of this piece also believes in white genocide and reverse racism and then goes to bed at night unironically wondering why people accuse him of being racist

    • Hi Miss Shadle,

      I can’t say I’ve ever used the phrase “reverse racism”, and I can’t say I understand what it’s supposed to mean. However, I’m wondering why you think it’s impossible for white people to be victims of state-sanctioned ethnic violence. If you could answer this question for me, I’d be very happy to have your input.


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