Selfish Compassion

The modern leftist view of life contains within it the single most self-serving, ego-driven, sadistic, and materialistic of world views masquerading as tolerance and selfless, brotherly love. By default, I am predisposed to give them the benefit of the doubt, but if truth be told, I find myself questioning how many among them have sinister motives. I find it difficult to believe that so many, especially those in the professorial class, can ignore the vacuous nothingness with which the left has replaced any moral logic they ever had.



The communist answer to Capitalism is that ownership of private enterprise is wrong, a position with which I radically disagree, but at least a morally consistent position with collectivism as an ideology. The small/no government Capitalist answer to problems of healthcare or housing is competitive and creative innovation, once again consistent with the respective individualist philosophy. The modern Neo-Liberal Democrat leftist answer to such questions is crafted in such a way to lure in hapless victims with the Siren Song of an Aristotelian mean where all wrongs are righted and all pain is healed. In reality, however, the effects feed like a parasite, strangling the once free economy in order to fund its many pet projects like welfare addiction and universal healthcare.




There is something incredibly cowardly about an authoritarian who slowly bleeds her dominion dry. It is ever so reminiscent of a classical Marxian Capitalist Pig. In Marx’s eye, the Capitalist was stealing the surplus labor from those who made use of the resources, while the leftist seeks to make the successful productive members of a society “pay their fair share.” The only difference between a Democrat and a Marxist Capitalist is the Capitalist’s oppressed class has at least the legal freedom to leave his factory job for another. The modern entrepreneur on the other hand is perpetually at the mercy of endless regulations and tax burdens, pilling like so much dirt on the coffin of broken aspirations. His only means of escape it to relinquish all hope of success in favor of suckling at the ill-gotten gains dribbling from the horrible oppressive Oedipal mother that is the State Welfare Office.






Leftism destroys every aspect of life that it so much as approaches. Single mother welfare destroyed the family and the Church for many Americans, especially the African Americans. Urban housing projects meant to raise the quality of living for many Americans ended up creating some of the worst conditions in the US. Leftist monetary policies have led to economic stagnation. The policies enacted in FDR’s New Deal have crippled our nation like a race horse shot in the knees with the twin bullets of regulation and redistribution. The only thing so powerful as to overcome such horror and continue to perpetuate itself is the vast ocean of human ignorance. Five dollars given to you may look quite appealing if you don’t see the fifteen bilked from behind.




Leftism is the product of cowardly masochistic nihilism. People who did not work to gain success and so believe that success is nothing but chance. People who in a desperate plea to protect the world from themselves, the undeservedly successful, stew up endless, half-assed, brainless schemes such as welfare, social security, and perpetual works projects. “Dig a hole,” they tell you, “and fill it in” again and again for 50 years, and then they print out a piece of paper which you could trade in for food if they hadn’t burned it all to keep the agriculture lobby happy.


The common theme, as you may have noticed, is that these policies all sounded very good. They had the feel and texture of something that would help people. They were things that people sitting in well furnished rooms who felt bad about not giving money to the homeless man they pass on their way to work would support. That is the selfish compassion, the refusal to acknowledge the difference between something that will help people and something that will make you feel like you are helping people. This malignant trend of self-serving ignorance needs to stop before it destroys the West; all you have to do is think a little. Once a population realizes that the modern leftist government can never truly help them, these foolish naves will know the pain they have inflicted on so many. It has already begun; Brexit and Donald Trump are prime examples, and people are waking up.

Vincent Cucchiara

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