Purging The Party

by Will Sanders

During the Presidential campaign, the news was filled with prominent GOP backers and strategists such as George Will leaving the Republican Party. The media heralded this exodus as indicative of the collapse of the Republican Party brought on by Trump.

Surprisingly, the media was correct – but too soon in their prediction. This slow-motion death is still ongoing and is increasing in speed as the Party suffers from more dysfunction and infighting due to its inability to get anything done despite super majority control of government.

The Republican Party of old is collapsing. The Party of Neo-conservatism is dying. The Party of Free Market Fundamentalism is dying. The Party of Religious Zealotry is dying. This is all obvious. The mistake of the media and the pundit class of intelligentsia is that they believe that this death is final.

This death is a cleansing force that purges everything that is corrupt and deformed from the Republican Party. This death is merely a prequel to the rejuvenation and rebirth of a new, stronger, and better Republican Party. A Party built not on hate or dispassionate globalism or warmongering, but on love – love for the nation, love for the American people, and love for the values that made us great.

We see every year as spring follows winter, new life comes from the dead husk of the old.

The time has come for the old Republican Party to die.

It is obvious why the old fashioned party backers and the donor class are fleeing the Party: the new Party, will not continue allowing them to expropriate the American worker for the sake of the all-mighty bottom line.

By quitting the Party, these defectors show their true colors. They show for all the world to see that they do not care about the lofty notions such as ‘conservatism’ and ‘patriotism’ that they professed to hold dear. They care only about the rapacious global institutes and corporations that own them. Both sides of the political spectrum have for too long been hijacked by these self-serving “civil servants” who publicly feud on hopelessly partisan and gridlocked politics while behind closed doors plot on how to better steal our national wealth.

The media and the pundits and the think tanks – practical ‘conservative’ strategists who have delivered us brilliant victories such as the defeat of Obama by Romney – are all complacent in this. For the first time in a long time, we have been given a chance, in the form of Trump, to take our country back. Instead of supporting him, they constantly try to tear him down.

For too long these parasites have dictated policy and politics in America to the benefit of themselves and to the detriment of everything we hold sacred. For the new Republican Party to be effective, for it to champion the American worker, the globalist establishment and their managerial lackeys need to be purged from the leadership of the Party and relieved of any power they may have to influence the Party.

We can only hope to be fortunate enough for them to be willing to leave by themselves.

Vincent Cucchiara

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