Penn State’s Left-Wing Vents Its Frustration at Being Openly Challenged

In a march which took place Monday, April 9th, Penn State’s gaggle of leftist radicals took up the good fight yet again. As we at The State Patriot detailed some days ago, the march took place under the banner of the Pennsylvania Student Power Network or PSPN, an organization which has nothing to do with students or academia and everything to do with pushing the organized left’s agenda.

The idea that this group represents “students,” that is, young people pursuing academic and professional success, is ridiculous. Rather, PSPN seems to represent the lazy, uncritical, drug-addled youth subculture of people claiming to be students, who are really nothing more than underachievers with no meaningful life plans.

Predictably, the only thing these people stood for was shutting down opposition. Because these “students” lack the critical, linguistic, or logical tools to engage in a fair contest of ideas, this is the proverbial last round in their magazine – but better not to use such expressions around them, for fear that they might take offense to such violent imagery.

Their demands, such as they are, ask for nothing less than the university’s intervention on their behalf to take disciplinary measures against the other groups which have gotten under their skin. If this isn’t tantamount to an outright admission of defeat, it’s at least an admission of weakness. Like in all petty tyrannies, the use of widespread coercive force always comes after a loss of public confidence and precedes a total collapse.

As a partial recording of the event taken by a State Patriot reporter shows, the narrative put forward by the Penn State Left is nothing but outrage towards the State Patriot and other rightist groups. The speaker in question, Leslie Johnson, made the ridiculous assertion that this publication is a gateway to violence, rather than an ideological and cultural front-line.

Laughably, the speaker even attempts to tie campus groups like our publication, the Bull Moose Party, and Turning Point USA to a nonexistent group called the “National Bolsheviks,” which is an internet meme ideology combining Nazism and Soviet-style Bolshevism.

As if to make the point even more absurd, a member of supposed ‘radical right-wing’ group Turning Point USA argued that since neither he nor the group have any meaningful principles, they can’t be regarded as extremists and instead everyone should just hug it out and open the borders.

While it’s obvious that regarding TPUSA as extremists in terms of anything but their willingness to be token conservative opposition is idiotic, this line of reasoning carries them to total irrelevance. This publication understands that meekly pleading for mutual respect with a boot on your face isn’t what the nation wants from its would-be leaders.

Instead, we’ll proudly wear the hatred of the left’s miserable little cult as a badge of honor. They have no power over us, nor should they, to command any sort of apology.

The vast majority of people likely don’t give a hoot about this nonsense, but this might change at the drop of a hat once they see themselves being dictated to by the obese women and socially stunted beta males making up the far-left on campus. Nobody wants any power given to these… people.

When you see on one side, a freak show of physically repulsive left-wing radicals attacking your right to speak your mind with the support of feckless bureaucrats, and on the other, motivated young men and women coming together to oppose these scum, you have to ask yourself:

Which way will you go?

🅱🅱[Featured Image Credit Lindsey Shuey]

Anthony Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a Penn State student who uses a pseudonym so as to be able to publish the truth without being subjected to harassment from antifa, liberals, cuckservatives, and other ne'er-do-wells. He can usually be found reading esoteric philosophy or telling journalists to learn to code. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army general from Pennsylvania renowned for his military success and fiery personality.


  1. Glad your education with us has provided you with the opportunity to turn being a racist, bigoted, piece of shit into a career xx

    • SCASD why don’t you go and March to take away your own rights or complain about charter schools you social parasite. Public schools are a cancer on society

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