Penn State’s BIGGEST Targets of Hate

The PSPN’s #TurnDownCampusHate “march” took place a little after 1:30 pm on Monday, April 9th as scheduled.

Approximately 15 members of various, left-wing, activist groups met outside Old Main before storming the steps to the President’s office. The students interrupted Barron, who was in a meeting at the time, to demand that he sign a letter promising to restrict the funding of a list of campus hate groups.

[Photo Credit to Lindsey Shuey]

This list contained campus clubs Turning Point USA and the Bull Moose Party, as well as other, less well-known, campus organizations such as American Student Front and the National Bolsheviks. Penn State TPUSA chapter member and co-founder Aidan Mattis reports that the club does not receive any funding from the University.

After leaving the building, the group once again reconvened on the steps of Old Main for a few short speeches by members of the assembly.

[Photo Credit to Lindsey Shuey]


Above is the audio from one of the speeches delivered by Leslie Johnson. She lists some of the organizations which, according to her, unfairly target marginalized groups. She called out The State Patriot by name and even added that others at the United Socialists fondly refer to it as the “Hate-triot” (thus the temporary website title change).

In her speech, she read from the article I posted on Saturday, highlighting how offensive she found the suggestion that campus Affirmative Action artificially selects for “marginalized” individuals without regard for merit. She did not, however, disagree with my statement.

Johnson states that, referring to The State Patriot and Bull Moose Party, “these groups and individuals serve as a gateway to violent white nationalism.” She then discussed the “hateful actions” of white supremacists on campus and listed the University’s responsibility to investigate these instances. She also made a point to advise the more moderate groups on campus, such as the College Republicans, to take responsibility for their more radical contingents.

Johnson, as well as Planned Parenthood Generation Action coordinator Christine O’Donovan-Zavada, noted that they are very, very, large targets of harassment from unidentified members of these groups. Christine, depicted in the pink Planned Parenthood shirt, regularly attends and organizes campus events, despite not being a student herself.

The affair concluded with a rendition of a song titled “We Shall Not be Moved.”


Vincent Cucchiara


  1. Yeah man all univerity admissions were based on merit 100% until communist liberals took over and the SJeWs started making all the rules. Btw this is the most important issue of our time, free speach is very important. Thats why we have to ban professors dont and reinstate sedition laws to protect our country from the marxist jews

    • Somebody didn’t like being called a HUGE target of hatred did they…

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