Penn State: A Sanctuary Campus for Terrorists?

Penn State is back in the headlines again with a new controversy. This time, an Islamic exchange student Hussein Altarakmah at Penn State made what Penn State calls “controversial comments.” According to right-wing journalist Laura Loomer, Altarakmah sent her direct messages (DMs) on Twitter that were “pro-Islamic terror.”

The screenshots posted by Loomer of her DMs show Altarakmah saying “get the fuck out of my country you disgusting subhuman piece of garbage, death to America,” “Can’t wait for Trump to permanently cripple your country, 9/11 didn’t kill enough of you fuckers,” and “Hope Iran Nukes your country.” He also sent out a photo on his Instagram showing a Starbucks cup with “Osama Bin Laden” written on it.

In an interview with The State Patriot, Laura Loomer said that these DMs are “not free speech.”

“Making anti-American, pro-Islamic terror threats is not free speech. He’s not even a United States citizen. He’s from Kuwait. That’s a national security threat,” said Loomer.

Altarakmah also described himself as a “mujahid” in Arabic on his Twitter profile, which is a term that describes someone engaged in jihad. Loomer also said that Altarakmah changed spelling of his first name from Huseen to “Hussein” on social media. This is a common tactic used by infiltrators intending to commit terrorism according to Loomer’s source in counter terrorism.

The Penn State Police reacted to the news of these allegations by Loomer on Twitter saying that this was “being investigated jointly by PSU PD and federal authorities, and there are no threats to our campus at this time.” After this tweet, the University said they were “not going to comment further. Any faculty and student matters are confidential.”

After reporting the student to the FBI, DHS, and “every damn agency you can think of,” Loomer said that “nothing is being done,” calling the lack of action “unacceptable.” Loomer also claims that a source told her that Penn State will not expel the exchange student.

A few days later, Penn State distributed a lengthier statement saying they found the “hateful comments communicated by the student deeply disturbing, as intolerance and hate have no place at Penn State or anywhere in our society. We condemn hate language, which is contrary to our values.”

Loomer told The State Patriot that Penn State was “not taking the threat seriously.”

Loomer elaborated saying, “I don’t think that Penn State has been diligent in handling the situation. They’re not taking the threat seriously… What he did violates the Penn State Code of Conduct.”

She said that Penn State is “more concerned about not offending a Muslim than actually doing the right thing.” She said that student “needs to be expelled and deported.”

Earlier this year, Penn State blocked alt-right / white-nationalist Richard Spencer from speaking on campus, saying he is “not welcome on campus,” because he poses a “major security risk,” and there is “no place for hatred… on our campuses.” In both cases, Spencer and Altarakmah, Penn State said hatred had no place on campus. But, Penn State only banned Richard Spencer.

Loomer, who is “not a Richard Spencer fan,” questioned Penn State’s double standard saying “What’s more important: banning Richard Spencer from speaking or expelling a pro-terrorism student? What’s more important: your feelings or your life?”

“It’s really shameful there aren’t more students at Penn State that are calling for this student to be expelled, because one of these days, his words may turn into actions,” said Loomer.

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  1. this isn’t news. it’s a month old. you also managed to give publicity to white supremacists while making campus less safe for islamic students. you should be expelled.

    • Just out of curiosity is Laura Loomer (proud American Jew) the white supremacist?

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