Penn State’s Left-Wing Vents Its Frustration at Being Openly Challenged

In a march which took place Monday, April 9th, Penn State’s gaggle of leftist radicals took up the good fight yet again. As we at The State Patriot detailed some days ago, the march took place under the banner of… Continue Reading


Exclusive TSP Exposé: Explosive Interview of Shadowy National Bolshevik Organization

After the chilling allegations of several groups at Penn State University maintaining ties to the National Bolshevik movement, many were left wondering exactly what this nefarious group stands for. I recently reached out to suspected members of the secretive National… Continue Reading


Jean Respail’s “The Camp Of The Saints” In Retrospect

Jean Respail’s apocalyptic 1973 novel The Camp Of The Saints has as of yet not been widely accepted, or even noticed, by the Western literary community, despite the author’s bona fides as an award-winning author. This is no doubt due to… Continue Reading