Over 100,000 Illegal Voters Registered in PA and Texas

On Wednesday, January 30th, after a long legal battle with the state legislature, Gov. Tom Wolf agreed to release information regarding the findings of an elections commission investigation. The investigation found 11,198 non-citizens were officially registered to vote in the state of Pennsylvania. While not significant compared to the total voting population, the non-citizen count is approximately one quarter of Donald Trump’s margin of victory in PA in 2016. This comes 11 months after Harrisburg vehemently denied the existence of non-citizen voters in PA.

The news also comes shortly after a similar investigation in Texas found 95,000 examples of similar non-citizen fraudulent voter registration. The Texas secretary of state reported that, of the 95k, over 60 percent had in fact cast votes. Resident aliens, regardless of their legal status, are constitutionally barred from participating in US elections.

There is no word yet on whether any of these individuals were Russian nationals.

Engaging in election fraud is a violation of federal law, but it is unlikely that any of the over 100,000 non-citizens will face consequences for their actions. It is, however, likely that defenders of the non-citizens will claim that the aliens were unaware of the requirement for citizenship. Most on the right claim that these registrations were orchestrated by overzealous Democratic activists.

President Trump has been heavily criticized for suggesting that a large number of non-citizens cast votes illegally in the 2016 election, but thus far most investigations into the matter appear to at least partially validate his claim.

The findings of such investigations cause many to wonder how many democratic election results were decided by fraudulent voters, and what effect this may have had on the actions of elected officials who benefit from the fraud.

Researcher’s Note: While conducting research into this matter I noticed that Google was unhelpful in producing any news related to the incident. When I first searched “10k non-citizens registered to vote in PA,” I was met with nothing but news articles relating to Harrisburg’s denial of the existence of non-citizen voters from 11 months previous. Only after I found a tweet with the exact number, 11,198, and used that as a search term, could I find the articles I wanted.

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