National Liberal High School Student Signaling Day

Yesterday, students all over the country walked out of their classes for 17 minutes of scheduled liberal activism.

The 17 minutes of interrupted class time was meant to symbolize the 17 students who were killed in the school shooting a month ago at Parkland High School in Florida. Thousands of high school and middle school students from all over the country made the grave sacrifice of leaving their classes to demonstrate how displeased they are with the US guaranteeing a right to bare arms.

Students were so vehemently in support of keeping their schools safe that some started a brawl, rioting and ripping down flags in the name of a peace and love.

Administration, at most schools, was aware of the scheduled event, and many were only too happy to oblige by adjusting bell schedules and granting legitimacy to the interrupted class activities. In Minnesota, one principle was so zealously in support of liberal dogma that he chased a student off campus who held a sign reading “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

Despite the massive enthusiasm behind the event, as well as the willingness to criticize all levels of government for not doing enough to keep students safe, there has been almost no discussion of what appears to have been and most immediate failure of government with relation to this incident. The policies of Broward county due to the incentives put forth by the Obama administration, are, at the very least, partially to blame for the Florida shooting. To address this fact, however, would involve criticizing the liberal establishment, which was certain to have lost the support of the media as well as the Democratic government officials, who were only too happy to support the latest generation of gun grabbers.

Vincent Cucchiara

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