Milo: The Rock Star the Right Needs

by Jack T.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, British Jewish, Catholic, Trump loving counter culture troll – who only dates black men –will be releasing his autobiography titled Dangerous on the Fourth of July. How appropriate.

This will be a big day for Milo. He has been waiting for months to publish his book. It was initially supposed to be out in March, but due to an unforseen media onslaught, it has been pushed to July.

Originally, Milo struck a huge quarter million-dollar deal with Simon & Schuster to publish his book, which caused a massive outrage on social media. After CPAC announced that Milo would be speaking at the event, video of Milo surfaced showing him making controversial comments about pedophilia. CPAC pulled his speaking deal, Simon & Schuster pulled his book deal, and Milo left his job at Breitbart, a right-wing news website pioneered by Andrew Breitbart.

Milo decided to do the American thing and go independent. He started his own publishing company, Dangerous Books, which will be appropriately publishing Dangerous as its first book. Milo will also take revenge on Simon & Schuster for dropping his book by suing them for $10 million.

Milo’s book is much bigger than initially thought. Milo is quickly becoming a mainstream star of the new Trump right-wing populist movement that’s sweeping the globe, and he is unstoppable. To understand how Milo became a cultural wrecking ball, we need to look at how he got to where he is today.

Milo started out as a journalist in multiple new organizations, but he made a name for himself during the Gamergate controversy.  He originally had a disdain for the gaming community, but after spending time with them, he learned that they shared a similar idealology. Milo became sympathetic to the side of the gamers in the gamergate controversy, but he truly made a name for himself after publishing the infamous GameJournoPros mailing list that proved that journalists were colluding to publish negative coverage of Gamergate.

Milo published this list on Breitbart where he has also published many political and culturally relevant articles on gaming, Trump, movies, feminism, universities, Islam, freedom of speech, LBGTQ rights etc.

Of course, Breitbart wasn’t the only place to hear what Milo was saying (I say was for a reason). Milo was very vocal and – as usual – controversial on his Twitter account.  Over the course of the past few years, Milo has been temporary banned multiple times from Twitter for his trolling.

But, after Milo wrote a negative review of the new feminist Ghostbusters movie, he made fun of one of the leads, Leslie Jones, on Twitter by calling her “barely literate” and “a black dude.” After he called her names, some of Milo’s followers (not Milo) sent Leslie Jones racist tweets and photos.  Twitter took action by permanently banning Milo from the social media platform.

Many saw this ban as a blow to the rising political star, but Milo thought otherwise. Milo has since landed many interviews on big-name news organizations to talk about how free speech is being silence by Twitter and other tech companies.  In the end, Milo got more popular, and Twitter was left behind.

Milo has never hidden behind his keyboard. He has continued his barrage of provocative trolling on his “Dangerous Faggot” college tour (now called “Troll Academy”), where he rallies people on both sides of the political spectrum to talk about feminism, free speech, culture, Trump, and Pepe.  Milo’s fabulous costumes, witty humor, and honest language draws in people of all beliefs and backgrounds to either sit and agree with him or sit and disagree with him.  Either way, people are coming to see him and they’re having a good time no matter what side they’re on.

Of course, not everyone who disagrees with Milo is sitting there quietly. At UC Berkeley in California, Milo was about to go on stage for another stop on his tour when huge violent riots broke out on campus.  Rioters and Antifa punched Milo fans, threw smoke grenades, knocked over barriers, and set the campus on fire. The rioters forced Milo to cancel his speech in fear of his life. UC Berkeley, once the symbol of free speech, civil discussion, and tolerance, had been turned into a symbol of violence, intolerance, and hate.

As you can tell, all of what Milo is doing is incredibly powerful, influential, and important. Milo is becoming a counter culture figure rather than a boring political figure. Andrew Breitbart, wisely said, “Politics is downstream from culture.” He couldn’t be more right.

For decades, the left has controlled the culture: Hollywood, music, the internet. The right has had little presence in culture.  Milo is changing that.  Milo is tapping into mainstream culture with his masterful and sophisticated trolling on Twitter and Facebook, crusade against third wave feminism, provocative swag (like t-shirts that read “Stop being fat” or “Feminism is cancer”), humorous college speaking tour, handsomely devilish personality, and now a new book that reached #1 on Amazon on day one.

All of this puts conservatism back into the mainstream of American culture. This will influence politics big league.  This cultural change means that Milo is making conservatism cool again.  He’s creating a culture of honesty, playfulness, and humor all-around rightwing politics: making it a more interesting and cooler than the stogie old Progressive establishment.


Dangerous is available in hardcover and ebook on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Jack T.

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