Media Narrative Conflicts With Reality

by Vincent Cucchiara

Last Sunday, September 24th, recent Sudanese immigrant Emanuel Kidega Samson shot 7 people, killing one, at the church he had previously attended in Antioch, Tennessee. What with football players kneeling and all, this story hasn’t been getting much attention excepting for some conservative commentators and right-wing YouTube personalities who have been comparing it to another church shooting, that of Dylann Roof, which received months of coverage describing the racist motives of the shooter and provided the pretext for the removal of flags and monuments of the Confederate States.

There are differences between the two incidents but they are by no means beyond comparison and the concern of these commentators, as Newsweek reports, was that Samson had conducted a “Reverse Dylann Roof.” Since this does not fall within the standard MSM assumption that white people are the only people who conduct racially motivated attacks, they have taken to personal insults, describing one YouTuber’s delivery as a “comically portentous drone”.

In the article cited above it was abundantly clear that the author had no intention of lending credence to the possibility that this most recent shooting was racially motivated. The author is so confident of their own ideological preconceptions that he starts from the premise that everything said by people who disagree with his personal politics is wrong, not by virtue of any standard of evidence or logical error, simply because he classifies them as bigoted.

Less than 24 hours later, in a blaze of poetic justice, further information is released regarding Samson’s motives. He left a note explaining that his attack was indeed specifically in response to the racial injustice he perceives. He set out to attack white people who had never wronged him because of the color of their skin, but as demonstrated, Newsweek and the MSM in general would rather ridicule those who suggest that possibility than entertain what, in this case, turned out to be the truth.

Vincent Cucchiara

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