Leftists Think PSU Funds White Supremacists

The Pennsylvania Student Power Network will be hosting an event on Monday, April 9th, to #TurnDownCampusHate. PSPN is a leftist student activist group which focuses on the standard leftist nonsense of illegal migrants’ rights, forced diversity, and LGBT degeneracy.


The event has been orchestrated apparently in response to the wild delusion that Penn State financially supports what they are calling “hate groups.”

These groups are never named, but it is worth noting that the event is being orchestrated in solidarity with a similar event taking place at IUP in response to a TPUSA chapter hosting Charlie Kirk. Evidently the moderate, fiscally conservative organization, which goes out of its way to signal how not racist they are, is now a campus hate group. Also, for the record, I’m pretty sure they don’t get any money from the University and never have.

The idea that these Universities, which have entire buildings and departments dedicated to diversity and inclusion, are actively supporting “hate groups” would be laughable if it didn’t reveal a dark truth. These people are taken seriously by college administrations. Not only do a plurality of people actually believe every institution that isn’t entirely run by non-white homosexual immigrants is an example of white supremacy, but these people actually hold sway over the actions of administrations.

The story comes to mind of a Evergreen professor who, last year, was all but held hostage for not complying with the “Day of absence” when all white people were asked to leave the campus. More recently, a group called the Black Action Movement, or BAM 2.0, protested the lack of diversity at Miami U after which the University agreed to meet with representatives to comply with demands. A few days ago, a massive outcry erupted in response to a PSU student using what is, by now, a common cultural epithet to describe her friend.

It is very easy for the reasonable conservative to denounce this campus activity as nonsensical and unproductive. He may say:

“This is absurd, no one would support this,”

“People aren’t dumb enough to fall for this,” or

“These kids will learn when they get into the ‘real world.'”

The reality is that it is working. Universities are actively promoting sexual deviants and minority students with no regard for merit or virtue. Conservative, heterosexual, white students are not only denied presence at modern Universities, but when they manage to get here, they are denied a voice as well. And it is because the left refuses to give an inch and instead pushes more and more radically leftward every day.

The aggressive progressives are winning, and they are winning because of actions like #TurnDownCampusHate. They didn’t push the University system as far as they have by being reasonable and engaging in discourse. They got to where they are by being so radical and ideologically driven that they manage to convince themselves that Penn State is funding White Supremacy.

If the right is going to ever accomplish anything more than sitting, arms crossed in disapproval, as they are dragged, slowly leftward, into the nihilistic abyss of societal collapse, they need to understand why the left has been successful. The rules of engagement are dictated by the aggressor, and if the right is going to prevail then they have to play by the rules set before them.

Speak up in your classes and to your friends. Challenge everything. Stick up for yourself. Never lose heart. And, most importantly, never be satisfied with compromise.

Vincent Cucchiara


  1. I get you man I’m a white christian conservative heterosexual patriot veteran who smokes cigars and not vapes, and I have been denied the ability to yell out slurs in public. Now my class has approximately 3 or 4 people belonging to the negroid contingency and a dozen belonging to the mongoloid contingency. There are also definitely a few homos in there because I feel them looking at my ass. This space makes me very comfortable and unsafe, and I feel that oppression puts in competition with my peers, in ways my ancestors never had to experience. An oppression olympics if you will. Anyways, we need a safe space for white people and send.

  2. I get you man I’m a white Christian conservative heterosexual patriot veteran who died for your rights to protest and smokes cigars and doesn’t vape. I have been denied the ability to yell out slurs in public. Now my class has approximately 3 or 4 people belonging to the negroid contingency and about a dozen of the mongoloid contingency. There are definitely a few homos cuz I can feel them staring at my ass. They all get As of course cuz my professor is scared of PC police knocking his door down and forcing him to read Carl Marks and Charlie Darwin. I get F cause I say “racism was cancelled in 1985”

    Anyways my point is I feel very unsafe and uncomfortable in this space and I’m more oppressed than anyone else I think we should have a space that is safe for non-non-whites.

    Thanks for reading this Check out my new souncloud track “how come they can say the word and we cant?”

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