Le Pen Will Win

Broken glass litters Parisian streets like tears shed by the once great city. And still they come.

The air grows thick with black fumes as trash receptacles and parked cars are overturned and set ablaze. Yet still the come.

Fear is stricken in the hearts of the once proud and patriotic. Still they come.

Crime is on the rise, it is no longer safe for women to walk home in the dark. But still they come.

Why then do they come still? They are people with a land and homes. They are people with their own culture and values. They are people with their own skills and trades.

They come because France is tolerant. They come because the current government of France with pressure from others does not love the people who were born into its care. The government does not love the people who vote and pay their taxes. The government does not love the people who live within the borders they wish to dissolve.

They instead love all people. It just so happens that “all people” live in the Middle East. “All people” are those who have made sections of France impossible to enter for police let alone the native French whose land it once was. “All people” are those who have made Sweden the rape capital of the world. “All people” are those who march in the streets decrying death to those who give them asylum from their own war torn lands.  “All people” are the millions of migrants who are currently destroying France.

Marine Le Pen the candidate for the upcoming French election does not love “all people”. Every day more people see their country crack. Every day more people see their communities ripped apart by the actions of those who believe that never have to feel the effects of their own decisions. Every day more people see people they love lose property limb and life. And every day despite the media slander more and more people resolve to vote for Le Pen.

For better or for worse Marine Le Pen will win this next election in France. The current administration has gone too far in their attempts to virtue signal to the world. They have sacrificed the safety and security of those they swore to protect and defend for their own political interests. I for one wish France the best and I hope her people come to know what is best for them and the country they will leave to their children and I hope they can save themselves before it is too late.


Vincent Cucchiara

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