Lamb Wins PA 18th District by 641 Votes

With 100% reporting on the special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th district, Democratic Candidate Conor Lamb looks to have won the seat with 49.8% of the vote, by a margin of 0.3%.

The special election was called after Tim Murphy resigned in October of 2017, following accusations of his having encouraged his mistress to have an abortion.

Donald Trump swept the district by double digit percentages, which throws some confusion as to how a Democrat could have won the district. The answer, possibly, comes from his being somewhat of a rare breed in Democratic politics. With a populist platform focusing on the opioid crisis and working class employment, the vocally anti-Pelosi white, male, former Marine, gang-prosecuting attorney from Pittsburgh is certainly not what we have come to expect from the party of neoliberal, anti-American, race-baiting dogmatists.

Lamb’s Republican opponent, Rick Saccone, seems to have failed to take the path laid before him by Donald Trump. Saccone apparently did not prioritize the interests of hard working Americans in the south-western district of Pennsylvania, which has been hit hard by globalization, and they responded in kind.

The next few months will determine whether Conor Lamb is, as he presented himself, a supporter of the interests of Patriotic Pennsylvanians. Will he cave to the pressure of his globalist corporatist party, or will he find support in like-minded Republicans in upholding what was an uncharacteristically populist campaign platform? We shall see.

Vincent Cucchiara

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