Kim Jong Un Agrees to Meet with President Trump

President Donald Trump agreed to meet the leader of North Korea for negotiations regarding the denuclearization of the notoriously jingoistic nation.

The Trump administration has been criticized for its change in tact from previous administrations. Many journalists and progressive leftist were troubled at Trump’s description of the once feared dictator as “Little Rocket Man.”

Donald J. Trump will be the first president to meet with the leader of North Korea since the war that separated the two halves of the Korean Peninsula.

Chung Eui-yong, a South Korean defense official, conveyed the invitation to the White House last week. The President’s staff indicated that Trump would be meeting with the North Korean leader by the end of May. Kim Jong Un has agreed to suspend nuclear testing until the meeting takes place.

This is not the first time a sitting president has been invited to negotiations with the leader of the PDRK, but it is the first time the invitation has been accepted. While some people at CNN are worried the meeting will grant legitimacy to the murderous communist regime, these seem to be the same reporters who believed that Trump’s rhetoric had irreparably damaged any possibility of having peaceful negotiations.

A successful meeting would go a long way toward easing tensions with China as well as defending our interests in South Korea, not to mention legitimizing Trump as a great world leader.

Vincent Cucchiara

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