Islamic Terrorist Attack in NYC

Yesterday afternoon Uzbekistani alien Sayfullo Saipov, former uber driver turned terrorist, used a rented Home Depot pickup-truck to mow down pedestrians on a crowded street in New York City. The attack left 8 dead and 11 more hospitalized.

Saipov was admitted into the United States on a green card lottery, officially the Diversity Immigrant Visa. This may raise a few eyebrows among those critical of “diversity” as a publicly funded federal government program.

Saipov was reported to have been shouting the by now infamous words “Allahu akbar.” It is also reported that the image of the ISIS flag was found in the vehicle. A note was also found at the crime scene pledging allegiance to ISIS. This attack is within the standard MO of ISIS attacks across the west, as they have been instructing their followers to use vehicles; however, as of now, it is still believed to be a singular incident.

Mayor de Blasio was quick to make his statement about the attack, maintaining that the city will remain “undeterred.”

As to what he will be “undeterred” from doing is anyone’s guess, but the smart money says he will be “undeterred” from bringing more violent Islamist terrorists into one of the greatest cites in the world.

Vincent Cucchiara