Columbus Day is once again upon us and as to be expected the Left is out in full force decrying the evils of everyone who has helped to make the US the great nation that it is. Today is the day that we remember the adventurous spirit that inspired Christopher Columbus to sail the ocean blue and discover new land to the west that was entirely unknown to the peoples of Europe. His discovery lead to the eventual settlement and foundation of this land as a home for modern day Americans. For this discovery we all owe him a debt and we will continue to owe him for as long as this great land is still populated by those who hold western ideals close to their hearts.

For some people, namely the Left and the media that enables them, gratitude is not an option. Revealing their disdain for the very existence of America as a western nation The New York Times as well as CNN not to mention Huffington Post and Los Angeles Times have all published articles attacking Columbus Day and expressing the desire for its replacement with “Indigenous Peoples Day.”

There may be some decedents of native peoples who genuinely wish for Europeans never to have come here, but many of them enjoy the safety and prosperity of this nation just as much if not more than many European descended Americans do. They are given preferential admission to univeristies along with special scholarships and however their hypocrisy is easily tolerated by the general populous because they are so few in number.

The most egregious examples of the people defaming Columbus Day is not the indigenous decedents of the native american tribes but those who utilize their immense public platforms which, without America and the First Amendment, would not exist at all. The New York Times CNN and many other major media outlets would be nothing without the western values of industriousness and the common law foundation for free speech. They call Columbus Day “controversial” in order to present an air of even handedness when it is clear they are only trying to mask their hatred of America. Without Columbus you don’t have America, and without America you don’t have the printing press on this continent much less cable news.

Once again Columbus Day is a day when we should remember how this country was founded so that we may appreciate what we have done with it. It is not a day to nihilisticly deconstruct the events which led to the formation of our home.

Vincent Cucchiara

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