Illegal Immigration in the Age of Trump

If you build it, they won’t come. Just threatening to build it will stop them from coming. The one way to hinder or slow the flow of illegal immigration is to be tough on ILLEGAL immigration. You have to uncuff the border agents and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers so that they can do their job. You have to deport illegals, with priority given to criminals, and stop the revolving door of catch and release. And, of course, you have to keep fighting for the building of a border wall.

But just how much credit is due to President Trump and candidate Trump’s rhetoric? I don’t think the numbers lie, President Trump had a yuge impact on the flow of immigration.

  • Daily Caller analysis found that there was a 59% decline in illegal border crossings from 2016 to 2017. February 2016 to May 2016 had around 188,00 illegal crossings. The same time frame in 2017 had around 76,000 crossings.
  • Single month analysis show the same results. May 2017 saw a 64% decrease in crossings compared to May 2016.
  • Politifact Confirmed President Trump’s claim that immigration apprehension at the southern border is at the lowest level in 2017 years.
  • Apprehensions, a measure of border crossings, in March 2017 totalled 12,191 according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This was the lowest number on record in at least 17 years. The eight months of the Trump Administration have all yielded similar results.

As the border statistics continue to come in during the Trump years, they will show the results that his supporters wanted. These results aren’t just good for the Administration’s resume, but for the country at large.

Our country has been harmed for decades by our leaders lack of immigration enforcement. Our government has been held hostage by the special interests and multinational companies that benefit from the cheap labor of low skilled illegal immigration. Brian Stauffer of Politico has been writing about immigration for three decades. He was cited by then-Candidate Trump at his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination. Through his research, he has found that when the supply of workers goes up 10%, wages go down 3% for that pool of workers. That follows basic economics and the law of supply and demand. And as the wages are kept lower and lower, the profits for the big corporations increase. These profits are then spent on lobbying for more (low-wage) workers.

The lie that we have been force fed, is that the work that illegal immigrants do is wonderful and necessary. But the opposite is true. Nothing is wonderful about illegal immigration. American workers and wages are harmed by illegals. American lives are also harmed by illegal immigrants and the criminal gangs that some illegals operate, hurting our beautiful nation. As President Trump descended from Trump Tower’s escalators, he made a statement that was terribly twisted and mangled for media propaganda. The statement in reality was very accurate.

We are not getting the best of other countries, we are getting the trouble makers and problem causers. In 2005, The Government Accountibility Office found that a quarter of our federal inmates are non-citizens, legal and illegal. Yet only 9% of our adult population was non citizens. Just by this study, aliens are more likely to commit a crime, especially a serious crime. A second GAO report found that illegal aliens had committed, on average 12.7 crimes per person. Drug offense were found to be the most common offense in the report. Murder, rape, burglary were found to be committed about 15% of the time by illegals. A note about the GAO reports is that the findings are only from offenses that land people in prison. The numbers do not reflect the crimes committed but not charged because of bargaining pleas.

A City Journal article recounts that, in Los Angeles, 95% of the warrant for homicides are against illegal aliens. Two-thirds of the felony warrants are also against illegals. California DOJ reports that 60% of the violent 18th street Gang members are illegal aliens. Some law enforcement officials have criticized the report of low balling the figures. We have seen a heightened sense of important in the dismantling of criminal gangs during the Trump Administration. We also have heard the horrors of gangs like MS-13 and how they terrorize the local communities. Suffolk County, New York has seen 17 murders in 18 months that are blamed on MS-13 and their gang members. We also have heard the terrible stories of their gang rapes, one of tactics the gang employs to terrorize the communities in which they operate.

The border patrol agents and law enforcement have endorsed President Trump and his plans and vision of U.S. Immigration. The union for border patrol agents endorsed President Trump when he was a candidate. They have also reported that they have the highest morale in years. They believed they are finally allowed to do their job, which is to keep America and Americans safe. When they say that he is what is best for our country’s immigration policy, then we should listen. They are the ones doing the job, in the trenches. They most likely have a better understandin of this subject than a Washington bureaucrat or congressional staffer. All the crimes committed by illegals are crimes that never should have happened. Those families hurt by illegal aliens should have never had to suffer the experiences they went through. The simplest way to stop these crimes is to strongly enforce the laws that are already on the books.

Vincent Cucchiara

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