Harvey Brings the Worst to America, America Brings the Best to Harvey

By Jack T.

With the disaster in Texas flooding block after block of residential neighborhoods, many Americans have put aside their daily toils and comforts for the relatively thankless task of rescuing stranded men, women, and children from the cold and brackish waters. What’s most amazing about the recovery effort is not only the beautiful display of American patriotism and love, but also the massive juxtaposition to the tragedy in Charlottesville. In Charlottesville we saw right wing identitarians brawl with the violent alt-left. This clash left one person dead, many injured, and a country more divided than ever.

It remained that way as this horrendous hurricane barreled into Texas bringing torrential rain, biblical flooding, and all-around misery. But, the great people of Texas weren’t going to let that stop them. Thousands of amazing pictures surfaced showing an immediate and determined rescue effort. Nobody in Texas viewed themselves by anything but American. And, the same can be said for the rest of the country. Millions everywhere donated money and supplies to help those affected.

From the many photographs emerging from the disaster zone, a clear mental picture of what is best about America emerges. We’re seeing the mythical Heartland Hero step up to the plate as he always has, whether anyone is watching or not. These are average Americans, blue-collar workers, people with jobs and families who give their time and safety to help because it’s the right thing to do.

Despite all of this love and resilience, some in the media didn’t see it the way I did. Charlie Hebdo, who is known for making satirical and controversial magazine covers, printed a cover that showed Nazi salutes and Nazi flags coming out of floodwaters with the caption “God exists! He drowned all the neo-Nazis of Texas.”

Is this even supposed to be funny, or satirical? Is the cover labeling all those who died in the floodwaters of Texas as neo-Nazis? Americans were helping Americans in Texas. From first responders to national guardsmen to proud rednecks with lifted trucks and fishing boats,all the heroes of Houston did their best to help everyone they possibly could. Color, race, gender, and creed was never a factor. People were saving lives of strangers, no matter their identity. Charlie Hebdo isn’t worth using as toilet paper, and it seems this latest stunt has inspired a wave of regret in Conservatives who defended their controversial publications after the terrorist attack on their offices.

Many of the people of Texas, and those who set aside their lives to help those in need, can be neatly categorized into Hillary Clinton’s infamous “Basket of Deplorables”. Conservative, lacking a college education, employed in trades, trucking, or manufacturing. While she, and apparently Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff, believe that half of these people are nothing more than stupid, racist, sexist, neo-Nazi hillbillies, everything about these people and their actions proves them wrong. These are the people Americans stand for. These are the people that love this country and its people.

President Trump also showed his huge heart as he visited Texas with First Lady Melania Trump. On his first visit, Trump stayed away from the flooded areas in order to prevent any interference with the rescue effort. But, on his second visit, President Trump met with the victims of Harvey. He started by visiting a hurricane shelter unannounced. When he walked in, the energy and happiness of the room went through the roof. Trump shook hands, took selfies, met with children, and gave food to those in need. Trump even joked at one point that his hands “were too big.” It truly was a beautiful, touching, and genuine scene.

One woman in particular said that meeting and taking a selfie with the President changed her opinion of him. She found him to be a “wonderful man.”

It seems that this disaster has brought the best out in President Trump, despite what the media will have you believe. He is being praised by many for his decisive and precise action to organize relief and has shown immense compassion to the people affected by this massive tragedy.

Look no further than President Trump’s leadership, care, and love in Texas. He brought smiles to everyone’s face in the rescue shelter. He spent valuable time with many victims, giving them lunches and taking selfies. He even went a step further – no President has done this before – donating $1 million of his personal wealth to the victims of Harvey.

This is the Trump I know, not the one CNN portrays. This is the America I know, not the one Charlie Hebdo portrays. I love seeing the unity of America during these difficult times – we are not as divided as the MSM wants you to think. Everyday Americans have put all their differences aside in this time of need in order to put the safety of their countrymen first. It’s an incredible display of spirit and strength that shows the best of our country in the worst of times.

Jack T.

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