Good-Bye DACA!

by Vincent Cucchiara

One of the earliest and most notable promises of the Trump campaign looks like it is well on its way to being fulfilled. One of the many harmful and blatantly unconstitutional executive orders which make up the Obama legacy looks like it will be on the chopping block soon.

According to Fox, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be undone by president Trump in the coming days. This executive order was effectively a White House directive to ignore immigration law in the cases of families with children. This may see like a compassionate measure but functioned more as an incentive for would be illegal immigrants to put their own families through very dangerous ordeals, often with young children, many of whom are injured or even die in the border crossing. Many Trump supporters will no doubt be very happy to see a major campaign promise fulfilled especially in this recent time of uncertainty.


Vincent Cucchiara

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