Former Child Thinks Children Are Harming The Environment

In a recent Collegian article, Antonia Jaramillo explains her belief that children are “causing more harm than good.”

Jaramillo begins by describing some guy hitting on her at a party, which she seems to have misinterpreted as an attempt at scientific discourse. “The other night I was at a party when a man asked a group of us, ‘What is the most important thing for a living species?’ Most answered food, water or sunlight, but instead he told us it was reproduction.” A guy at a college party talking to girls, using biology as a sexual innuendo, is truly riveting social commentary Antonia; I applaud you.

Jaramillo then goes on to mention climate change and associate that with the increasing global human population.

She sums up the discussion well in this awkwardly worded statement:

“We no longer live in an ideal world where everything is perfect and our Earth isn’t suffering because of us.”

Our Earth is “suffering.” What does it look like for a giant ball of dirt spinning around in the middle of outer space to “suffer?” Surely the environmentalist in us all is now rolling his eyes and preparing to make some statement pointing out that it’s not the “Earth” she cares about but all of the beautiful living things on the Earth. Obviously, the Earth doesn’t suffer. Living things suffer; people suffer.

By any objective standard, people are the source of all value. Things are beautiful because people find them beautiful. This is not to say that value is subjective, but it is undeniable that anything you as a human could possibly value is intimately connected to your existence as the subject of the valuation.

Case in point, people are the only living things who care enough about the environment to do something about its changing. Yes, people are the ones changing the environment, but we are also the only ones who care about that. Beavers don’t feel bad about messing with the migration patterns of fish. Wishing away the existence of the valuer for reason of the value is not only unreasonable, but it doesn’t even accomplish the goal.

Antonia has demonstrated that she herself does not believe what she says. She has not walked into the woods and donated her body to coyotes and maggots in the name of her suffering Earth. She values her life. She values things in this world (namely virtue signaling how well she adheres to the mainstream liberal dogma). Why would she deny that to others?

Any of the children Antonia Jaramillo wishes wouldn’t exist might turn out to solve all of the problems she sees in the world. All she is doing is adhering to the cultural impressions given to her by popular media. We have all been instructed from a very young age that having children is something to avoid, unless of course you are a Left-voting immigrant. Funny how that works out, isn’t it?

A comment on the article made an incredibly cogent point regarding the relative difference between first and third world effects on climate change.

There is no easy way to know if one more baby (yours or mine) contributes more or less to the world than he takes away. But I suspect that for people in the 1st world he contributes more.

A shrinking population in the US will lead to an insufficient number of: workers to provide for the elderly; soldiers to keep the nation safe; intelligent people to maintain progress in science and to find ways to protect the environment, and so on. Meanwhile, as 1st world countries already suffer from shrinking populations, 3rd world countries are growing exponentially.

Therefore, Americans and Europeans who care about the future of the planet should have more children, not less, and at the same time try to figure out how to disincentivize people in 3rd world countries who cannot feed their current populations from having so many children.

Clearly Mr. Gus Barkley does not understand that it is the current year and the correct liberal opinion it that it’s time for Americans and Europeans to die.

For the love of everything you care about, for the love of your heritage, your family, and your future, for the love of every moment of joy this life has or might bring you, don’t listen to brainwashed ideological robots like Antonia Jaramillo. Have children.

Vincent Cucchiara

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