Elections in Hungary Show Continued Conservative Dominance

The recent Hungarian elections proved the staying power of Viktor Orban’s conservative Fidesz party, which not only maintained its majority government but staved off any losses at all to retain its 2/3 majority to pass constitutional amendments.

Orban has in the past used this supermajority to push through policies over objections on judicial or constitutional grounds by writing provisions directly into the constitution.

This has of course led to massive anger on the left, where Orban has been accused of being a dictator by the likes of everyone from the more centrist Politico magazine to subversive-masquerading-as-comedian John Oliver. Only to the modern, hypocritical, unthinking liberal is a resounding victory at the polls for a popular, if often criticized, government seen as a threat to democracy.

Clearly, the Hungarian public has few if any objections to Orban and Fidesz remaining in power, as his anti-migrant rhetoric and clear awareness of the importance of maintaining Hungary as a nation of Hungarians have proven extremely popular both within and outside his country.

Similarly to nearby Poland, whose extremely conservative government has likewise been entangled in Western efforts to subvert and eliminate opposition to the internationalist EU program (a package deal which includes periodic economic crises and massive inflows of third world migrants), Hungary has so far refused to accept that the Western social paradigm would be a good thing for them.

It’s to their benefit that their citizens have so far refused to believe the narrative forwarded by the West that their society needs to be “opened up” by NGOs with corporate and international backing, tools of the trade for modern methods of subversion and espionage.

Orban’s aggressive stance towards foreign backing of media and political organizations in Hungary has certainly forestalled the installation of an EU-friendly government and kept the Islamic invasion out for the time being. Hopefully, this resounding victory at the polls will be used as justification for a strengthening of these policies and for a more independent tone towards the EU, with the ultimate hope that Hungary can be a leader for the nations of Central and Eastern Europe to form new associations capable of defending the Continent while ensuring national continuity.

Photo Header Darko Vojinovic, AP


Anthony Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a Penn State student who uses a pseudonym so as to be able to publish the truth without being subjected to harassment from antifa, liberals, cuckservatives, and other ne'er-do-wells. He can usually be found reading esoteric philosophy or telling journalists to learn to code. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army general from Pennsylvania renowned for his military success and fiery personality.

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