Daily Collegian’s Anti-White Editorial

I had the misfortune of picking up a print copy of the Daily Collegian from the free newsstand while waiting in between classes the other day. Besides the usual 95-IQ “human interest” stories and the god-awful political commentary, one thing in particular caught my eye – a full-page anti-white screed sprawled across page four. Written by associate professor Errol Henderson and innocuously titled “Being Black at Penn State”, the letter is an insane, rambling attack on unnamed “racists” in the department who have allegedly discriminated against him. According to Henderson, he has been ignored, “stonewalled”, denied promotion, forced into a hostile work environment, and subjected to “prevalent and enduring white racism”. Indeed, he claims the source of all his woes to be the white faculty who constitute his peer group. Henderson says that

“The racists who are hidden in plain sight use the cover of concealment to shroud their racist practices; and they use the silence of others to conceal their white racist actions; and those who remain silent are complicit in that white racism.”

Let me be clear, Mr. Henderson – you are not a serious person. You are racially abusing your peers in the most shameful sort of way. You pretend to be a victim while viciously haranguing those who do not go along with the act. Your demand, that others either believe you or be labeled complicit in “white racism”, is a transparent and despicable act of racial intimidation, and the time is soon ending where it will be entertained. Your own testimony is evidence to the effect that your peers have already tired of the facade.

The editors of the Daily Collegian have evidently decided to entertain such notions of racial grievance. These clowns insist that the task of the university is to “ensure a better experience for students of color” rather than, say, to further the cause of diligent study and learning. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake and free inquisition in the Enlightenment tradition is obviously an outmoded and Eurocentric concept – surely, universities must be more “diverse” if they are to survive. Is this newspaper meant to reflect the beliefs of students, or those of a clique of radical leftists and their racial grievance crusade? Most students believe that a place at Penn State ought to be earned, not assigned based on a skin-color quota.

Penn State is a state land-grant university. It is meant to serve the public of Pennsylvania, not the self-interested political desires of racial grievance activists. The push by these radicals for increased “diversity” flies directly in the face of this mission. The State of Pennsylvania is, according to the 2010 census, around 82% White, 11% Black, 3% Asian, and 6% Hispanic. University Park, meanwhile, is 69% White, 4% Black, 6% Asian, and 6% Hispanic. 11% are “International”, therefore likely to be of a race other than White.

Obviously, Black students are underrepresented – as are, incidentally, Whites (The Collegian gives statistics on the lower academic achievement of black students, which likely has an effect on their under-representation). Is this the much-vaunted “white racism” at work? The Collegian even quotes Penn State as reporting that “30 percent of faculty and 13 percent of staff” are “of diverse backgrounds.” That seems perfectly in line with the University’s roughly 30% non-White student body. But according to the Collegian, this is “unacceptable” because it is not “diverse enough”. They decry the mental trauma of minority students – “hard to comprehend” – brought on by “knowing that their own university… hasn’t made significant strides in diversity and inclusion”. After all, they ask, “How is Penn State supposed to recruit students when they know they won’t be represented?” Racial identity for me, but not for thee.

When is enough? How much is too much “diversity”? But diversity is our strength, of course – no amount could be enough, or too much. Especially not when it represents an opportunity to rent-seek against an already-underrepresented white student population. Let’s be clear about what this means: the Collegian believes that white students should be denied representation and entrance into a university because of their race. Virtue-signaling is not a victimless crime – real people will be demonstrably harmed if this policy is followed.

This rag should be taken out of circulation. Or, even better, they should invite me to take over as editor. For crying out loud, we use free WordPress and we have a better website than they do. I would generate a lot more interest, that’s for sure, and I’d get these columnists to stop being so sloppy with their prose. It’s really a win-win. Shoot me an e-mail, Collegian. I promise I’ll keep you all on staff to fetch me coffee.

Anthony Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a Penn State student who uses a pseudonym so as to be able to publish the truth without being subjected to harassment from antifa, liberals, cuckservatives, and other ne'er-do-wells. He can usually be found reading esoteric philosophy or telling journalists to learn to code. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army general from Pennsylvania renowned for his military success and fiery personality.

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