CNN, “The Most Trusted Name in News,” Endorses Cuckolding… Seriously

Do you think that loyalty and exclusivity matter in a committed relationship? You bigot! Your spouse who you’ve loved and adored for years could quite possibly be fantasizing about cuckolding, and indulging them in this fantasy could actually be healthy for your relationship. There’s nothing emasculating about watching another man have sex with your wife, no. On the contrary, it’s a good thing. Gone are the love and commitment expectations of yesteryear. The sweet pangs of modernity are here to enlighten us on the glories of instantaneous sexual gratification.

According to a recently published CNN article, titled, “Cuckolding can be positive for some couples, study says,” 58% of men and nearly a third of women surveyed have a desire to watch another person have sex with their spouse. This is news. In the ever-expanding cesspool of degeneracy that is “the current year,” this is news.

Ignoring the likely possibility of non-response bias, let’s say that this many people actually do crave observing their spouse in an adulterous sexual encounter. How is this not immediately viewed as a problem? Far from having a normal reaction of disgust, author Ian Kerner, a licensed psychotherapist and sexuality counselor (a job that should never exist in a functioning society), explains to us plebians how “acting on adulterous fantasies may strengthen a relationship.”

Why is cuckolding so alluring? According to Kerner, the taboo nature of the act is the primary reason, and couples participating in cuckolding may find themselves drawn closer together for the same reason. Similar to keeping a dirty secret, supposedly, would be the logic here. If that’s the case, why don’t we see surges in or endorsements of coprophilia, necrophilia, menophilia, or other such taboo paraphilias? Perhaps that’s not too far down the road.

The very fact that something is taboo, should not make it alluring, or at least, not worth endorsing. Cuckolding only exists as a taboo act with the normalization of monogamy in the West, so what about places where monogamous relationships are not valued?

Something that Kerner is missing here entirely is the fact that until the institution of marriage, and therefore monogamy, became prevalent in the West, all sorts of paraphilias were acceptable. Those who push sexual deviancy, homosexuality, and the like, do so almost as a revolutionary act, as a jab in the side of the oppressive…“monogamites?” Seemingly by the author’s own admission, there is no inherent value in cuckolding, or any other paraphilia for that matter. The allure exists purely because it’s exciting, taboo, and sexy. Lust is the new love.

Sexuality is a beautiful gift to be cherished, and to cherish it means to use it appropriately. Sure, we could go around fulfilling whatever animalistic, sexual fantasy comes to mind, we could have sex with anyone and everyone, but that would add nothing of demonstrable value to our lives. In fact, it would reduce us to the carnal and limit the spiritual.

Monogamy is the only form of human sexual relationship that is not entirely self-serving, and this is why it exists more so in developed, thriving, advanced, Western nations. Two spouses vowing to be faithful and loving until death do they part establishes a lasting commitment not only to each other, but also to their children. Marriage exists for children, to bind them to their parents and ensure that they will be raised by both their mother and their father.

Of course, marriages are not always perfect. Husbands and wives do not always follow through on their promises to be faithful and loving, but when they do, they create one of the most powerful relationships we can experience on this earth.

Those who seek to destroy Western civilization do so primarily by attacking the family, by attacking marriage, by separating spouses from each other and from their children. Wherever this evil exists, no matter how unconscious it may be, whether in our schools, universities, the media, or Hollywood, it must be resisted.

Sarah Nahrgang


  1. You are very racist for being against cuckoldry. You are showing your adherence to a whiteness ideology, especially after our discussion. This whole idea of degeneracy is predicated on a eurocentric society that promotes patriarchal standards upon women and oppresses minorities. Since humans created other sexual methods, they are all human and all good. Besides, marriage is no longer about having children. Many people choose not to have kids, and there are too many people on this planet. Instead of worrying about what consenting adults do in their bedrooms, why don’t we focus on more pressing things like the environment and how that is going to affect marginalized people. Oh yeah, it’s because you and your website is full of racist alt right sympathizers who just fellate Richard Spencer and Donald Trump.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Your baseless accusations really challenge my worldview. I hope to hear you calling in to our show again soon!

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