Climate Justice? A Defense of Western Civilization

It is impossible to clearly link the damage from climate change to a specific action that produced a specific problem in a specific region. However, this inconvenience hasn’t once stopped the mentally deficient from using it as yet another excuse to screech about White male privilege. For all of his shortcomings orange man did get something right when he told the UN to eat a brick with regards to the Paris climate accord. The intelligence of any westerner who advocates cutting economic growth for the sake of climate change must be questioned. Before you even consider climate change as a legitimate threat ask yourself this: are we really to trust the words of eunuchs like French Prime Minister Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Mankind must unite to research a means of ending the noise pollution caused by feminists and feminized men trying to get attention by whining about climate change.

Climate change has become a catch all term used by the soy enthusiasts to hide their own incompetence with regards to government policy. For example, in California there are severe droughts and wildfire problems that are certainly the fault of incompetent government policies created by yet another soyman, Governor Gavin Newsom. Any person with a functioning cerebrum could tell you that these fires that are somehow being filed under global warming are actually being set by the homeless people that he caused to become unemployed. The fact that 28-year-old congressional representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s was even allowed to present the “Green New Deal” plan to eliminate all fossil fuel use including for cattle farming and virtually all forms of transportation because “the world is gonna end in ten years” without immediately being laughed out of the room is enough cause for concern in and of itself. For some reason we hear from these people but never from “climate change deniers” like John Coleman, the founder of the weather channel, or the over 33,000 scientists, 9,000 of whom hold PHDs, who are signatories of the Climate Science petition.

Why have these climate justice activists never once addressed the fact that more than 95% of environmental pollutants come from ten rivers, none of which are in Australia, Europe or the Americas? Western countries are objectively the most sustainable and environmentally friendly countries on Earth and these grating lectures about how we all have some special obligation to give up fossil fuels are absurd. If climate activists actually cared about pollution they would embrace zero emission nuclear power, but very few ever do despite the fact that it is, per kilowatt of power, the safest form of energy generation. These people’s actual motivation must be a soy induced need for attention because clearly they have no concern for the welfare of Americans, endangered species or sustainable consumption.

One obvious way for the country to become more sustainable would be to cut immigration in order to maintain a smaller population that requires fewer resources, but it seems highly unlikely we will ever see climate activists embrace this option. With power sources like hydropower and geothermal already tapped out, the soy consuming community is now trying to push intermittent power sources, solar and wind, even though it has long since been proven that no battery capable of storing this power can ever exist and their inclusion in the power grid is destroying the ability to provide reliable power no matter how many government subsidies are thrown at them.

There is no end to the comical failures employed in an attempt to prop up these intermittent power sources. One such technology, known as flywheels, created a spectacular financial disaster that cost taxpayers more than 535 million dollars when the largest producer of this technology, Solyndra, went bankrupt. This bungle is not an isolated case among green energy projects and there have been countless situations where green energy projects have failed to deliver on their promises of being environmental, being economical or even simply to not be an abject failure in meeting any of the expectations set for an environmental project. The long list of failed green energy projects from the Obama administration alone includes too many projects costing over 10 million dollars to name. There is nothing uniquely racist or privileged about white people using fossil fuels but if we do not act soon to eliminate soy from the food supply the climate hippies will continue to metastasize to a point where normal people are forced to pretend to care.

Julian Vaughn Abele

"It takes a wise man to discover a wise man." -Diogenes of Sinope

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