Daily Collegian Viciously Attacks Student for Mildly Compromising Snapchat Post

As if Penn State could be any less exceptional regarding the trends dragging American college education into the gutter, yesterday the Daily Collegian unabashedly published an outrage piece targeting a student, one Emma Kobin, for saying something that offended people… Continue Reading


Planned Parenthood Discriminates Against Penn State Students

Cecile Richards visited Penn State this evening. President of the largest abortion provider in the country, Planned Parenthood, Richards joined Penn State faculty and community members on a panel discussion titled “Beyond Choice: Barriers to Healthcare in Our Communities.” While… Continue Reading


State College Women Disrupt Traffic in the Name Of Tolerance

Approximately 300 women of all shapes and sizes gathered at the Allen street gates on Saturday, January 20th, with signs demonstrating their disapproval that, among other things, Donald Trump is the president of these United States. The occasion of this… Continue Reading