Candidate for Governor Visits Penn State

Senator Scott Wagner visited Penn State University on Monday, the 27th, to speak to College Republicans. The visit was part of his campaign tour as he runs for Pennsylvania State governor.

Senator Wagner chose to become an entrepreneur at the age of twenty, without a college degree. He has since experienced much success with his two businesses Penn Waste and KBS Trucking. He has been a state Senator since 2014, defeating both Republican candidate and Democratic candidate by write-in, obtaining 47% of the vote in the county. Wagner became the first person to win an election as a write-in candidate. In the Senate, Wagner co-founded the Taxpayers Caucus, which focused on government over-spending.

When asked his reasoning for running for state governor, Senator Wagner affirmed that it was his love of his state and sense of duty towards the people of PA that served as his motivation to run for governor.

Senator Wagner spoke on many topics and addressed key issues that are important to his audience of university students. The heroin epidemic, free speech, and the purpose of education were all discussed at length. He also spoke on the pension crisis issue that the state is facing, saying that an aging workforce has created an opening in both skilled labor and a strain on healthcare. On the topic of health care he stated that, “Your generation will not be able to sustain financially with what’s ahead.”

Senator Wagner made it clear that he was firmly committed to improving the financial prospects and reducing fraud and abuse within Harrisburg. 

Luke Clemente

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