California State Government Employs Illegal Alien as Student Grant Adviser

In an unprecedented move of historic proportions, California has nominated Lizbeth Mateo, an illegal alien resident, to a government board position.

This exceedingly progressive decision has come in the wake of several recent incidences, coming out of California, of flagrant defiance of boarder security and even Federal law. Not the least of these was Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf’s possibly felonious warning to illegal immigrants of an impending ICE raid, as well as the Mexican presidential candidate who had the audacity to campaign in California.

Lizbeth is a practicing lawyer but has been, thus far, either too incompetent or uninterested to file for citizenship or even a temporary work visa. Lizbeth arrived in the US with her parents when she was a teenager and attended California State University, Northridge (a tax payer funded University) and received her law degree from Santa Clara. Mateo has been practicing law in the US for nearly a decade and, apparently, the fact that every day of the 19 years she has spent in this country have been in violation of federal law, was not a good enough reason to disbar (revoke a statutory licence to practice law) her.

The position she now holds gives her discretion over the allocation of state resources via the Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.

Not everyone is happy with the appointment. In fact, most people on twitter seem to be quite outraged by it. Several twitter users, responding to her thanking the CA Senate president for her appointment, pointed out the contradiction between Mateo’s pledge to remain faithful to the law and her daily violation of that same law.

Others suggested that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement pay her a visit.

Still others point out the double standard between the US and the rest of the world with regard to individuals who violate our immigration law.

Mexico, which does not even let non-native citizens own beachfront property, would certainly never employ an illegal foreign national in their government let alone give them discretion of state educational funds, and many believe we should not either.


Vincent Cucchiara

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