Broward County’s Deep-Rooted Dysfunction

The left’s control of the political narrative surrounding the Broward County high school shooting has, thankfully, slipped out of their greasy fingers faster than you could say “standing on the graves of children”. Nobody really cares about slimy opportunist David Hogg or his weird androgynous counterpart besides impressionable liberals who already believed everything they say. Nobody, certainly, is supporting gun control who didn’t before, especially over such a suspect and incredulous narrative.

You have, of course, the despicable cowardice of the sheriff deputies, the failures of the FBI and the local police force, and the ridiculous push by the media for ridiculous firearms legislation which hit the reels immediately to blame for the narrative shift. That’s all well and good, and of course I’m never against a sales boost for gun manufacturers or a shot in the arm for the GOP in a midterm season, but what has been revealed by the whole fiasco is a bit more disturbing than some liberal media lunacy and an ineffective law enforcement apparatus.

The whole situation is connected to a political program so mendacious and blatantly disgusting that it could only belong to modern America. Obama-era initiatives aimed at reducing arrests for high schoolers to end the “school-to-prison pipeline,” a favorite punching bag of black activists who can’t seem to accept any sort of black responsibility for the astronomical black crime rate, played a key role in this fiasco. That is, they played a key role by being the prime mover in schools intentionally ignoring crimes by students which have continually increased in severity. It’s clear what the motivations were in this political action, and just as clear are the horrendous consequences in the surge in criminal activity in schools. This may indeed even be a refutation of those who claim that crime has fallen in past years: perhaps the law has stopped being enforced, an even greater failure rather than a success of the system.

In this context, the 30-odd police visits to Cruz’s home, excused infractions, and total inability to act proactively make a lot more sense. Even more importantly, the actions of the Sheriff’s office make a lot of sense when you consider that the department had turned into one gigantic political scam turning tricks for their DC paymasters in collaboration with the Broward Country School District. These deputies weren’t placed there for their ability to defend the public and their children, but because they were exceedingly good at participating in the bizarre scam by managing arrest numbers and cooperating with political directives. Surely, they received part of the kickbacks too. This made it basically impossible for a student to get arrested, including the erstwhile psychopath Cruz.

Allegations of conspiracy surrounding Cruz’s actions swirl as they always do following the public spectacle we’ve grown accustomed to after a shooting. However, the FBI, crisis actors, far-reaching PSYOPS and false flags – none of these are necessary to explain the total failure of the state to behave in a way befitting their responsibility as protectors of the public. We’ve seen this time and time again in our moribund America. Corruption has become as American as apple pie, and it gets innocents killed every day. Does that make you confident in the state to protect you? If not, I think the argument for gun rights has been made clear by the Broward County Massacre.

Anthony Wayne

Mr. Wayne is a Penn State student who uses a pseudonym so as to be able to publish the truth without being subjected to harassment from antifa, liberals, cuckservatives, and other ne'er-do-wells. He can usually be found reading esoteric philosophy or telling journalists to learn to code. "Mad" Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army general from Pennsylvania renowned for his military success and fiery personality.

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