59 US Senators Condemn Holocaust Reparations Law

59 US senators have signed a letter condemning the Polish Prime Minister for considering legislation which would limit holocaust reparations, paid out by the Polish government, to polish citizens only.

The polish government is attempting to provide restitution for land and property sized by the Nazi government during WWII. The law in its current form would limit recipients of these claims to reparations to Polish citizens who are spouses, children or grandchildren of the original property holder.

A near super majority of US senators have called upon the Polish Prime Minister to revise the legislation to be more inclusive of distant family members as well as those without Polish citizenship.

The letter to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, written by senators Tammy Baldwin (D) from Wisconsin and Marco Rubio (R) from Florida stated, “This draft legislation would adversely affect Holocaust victims and their heirs and is therefore of urgent importance to many of our constituents, millions of Americans, and Holocaust survivors around the world.”

Gideon Taylor of the World Jewish Restitution Organization praised the letter, adding that “With fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors alive today, we call on Poland urgently to address this historic wrong.”


Vincent Cucchiara

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